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Wrong (Wrong #1) by Jana Aston

Wrong Book Cover Wrong
Wrong Series #1
Jana Aston
Fiction, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
October 7th 2015

I have a history of picking the wrong guy. Gay? Player? Momma’s boy? Check, check and check.

Now I can’t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes. It’s just a harmless crush, right? It’s not like I ever see this guy outside of the coffee shop. It’s not like I’m going to see him while attempting to get birth control at the student clinic. While wearing a paper gown. While sitting on an exam table. Because he’s the doctor. Shoot. Me.

But what if, for once, the man I’ve had the dirtiest, most scandalous fantasies about turned out to be everything but wrong?

Maria’s Review

➦This book is funny and pretty hot at times. Fast read. A story about an older man with established career falling for a college student.

➦The characters were not well developed, in my opinion, especially the heroine. She just wasn’t really passionate about anything, she never talked about her hobbies or anything like that. She picked a career based on practicality and she rarely even talks about anything to do with work.

➦I thought the ending was really abrupt.. Just felt really rushed and I remember thinking “is this it?”

➦A lot of the parts were really cliche. There were more interesting issues to create drama over at the end of the book.

➦Also, I hate when authors put these type of lines in conversations between their characters : “This is not a romance novel, this is real life” Why? Is it to make it feel more “real”? Oh, sorry, it felt rather real but now that you have mentioned that this is not a romance novel I remembered that it actually IS!