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Wrath by Emily Blythe

Wrath Book Cover Wrath
Emily Blythe
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
July 12th 2018


Back then the boy next door was a beautiful contradiction. An avid reader, the town brawler—my dangerous crush. Until one day he up and left town like a thief in the night, leaving me devastated.

A decade later, my nightmare returned. But Will Lewin was no longer the wild, charismatic boy of my past. He was a successful restaurateur, a stranger. He was something bitter and resentful. A fully grown man…who still left me reeling.

I didn’t want his help. But I had nowhere else to turn. I had to let him back in. Even if I still hated him. Even if he could never forgive me for what I’d done.


Get the job done and get the hell out of there…nothing could be simpler. Right?

But it wasn’t. I felt it with every fiber of my being—coming back was a mistake. Nothing had changed in the years since they'd driven me from my hometown. They hadn’t forgotten, and neither had I.

Ten years on, that same wrath still blistered inside me. Except now it was squarely directed at the people who had tried to destroy my life: the residents of Falcon, my high school nemesis, and most of all, Chloe…the girl who broke my heart.


Wrath is a Seven Vices novel (a series of standalones that can be read in any order). This is a steamy, full-length romance with a HEA. No cheating.

About the Author:

Emily Blythe is an indie author who loves writing contemporary romances with smoldering alpha males.

She lives with her husband, dog (Rufus) and two cats (Pipper and Pumpkin). Emily’s hobbies include reading, playing guitar and coffee (if coffee is a hobby).

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