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Wild Abandon (Abandon Collection #3) by Jeannine Colette

Wild Abandon Book Cover Wild Abandon
Abandon Collection, #3
Jeannine Colette
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
May 26th 2016

When you fall in-love it’s forever
But sometimes forever comes with a price.

I never meant to meet Nathaniel Teller. It was by accident, on a Tuesday, that I walked into his bar. He was solemn, intense and hiding a secret behind those stoic green eyes.

I never intended to fall in-love with him. We were supposed to be just friends. But I fell for him hard, deep. There’s no turning back.

I never thought his past would be so dark. And if I thought I had any chance of being in his future, I was wrong. Because his past is his future.

And I need to walk away.

ARIANNA’s review


This was such a wonderful story! ‘Wild Abandon’ was my first read by this author and definitely won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this story about love and forgiveness. It was fresh, it was emotional and moving, it made me feel and it got me hooked from the very beginning. The story is well written, has more depth that I had expected and it has some of the best setting descriptions I’ve read in a while.

‘Wild Abandon’ tells Crystal’s story, a woman in her early 30s whose love life is a total disaster, who jumps from one dating apps to another hoping that she will find a good man. Needless to say Crystal is a serial dater. She’s a little desperate to find ‘the one’ and despite the fact that in the past she had a bad romantic experience, she still believes in love and happily ever after. When she decides is time for a change of scenery she quits her job leaving New York and moves to the other side of the country in Napa Valley with her best friend and her family.

“Napa is for lovers, not loners.”

Crystal is trying to adjust her new life in Napa. She gets a job at a small winery continuing to use different dating apps and meeting several men at a bar named ‘Henley’. There she meets the bartender/manager Nate Teller. Nate is very closed off and intense, but Crystal feels a strong connection with him even if he doesn’t seem to believe in love, being emotionally unavailable. Nate is somehow trapped in his past being also a little grumpy at times, but Crystal succeeds to win him over…eventually. They become friends at first, but their relationship starts to change gradually in something more, their attraction growing slowly with each and every day. But Nate has a secret that has the power to destroy this wonderful thing between them.

“Love is like wine. You can’t add sugar and mask the flavor, pretending it’s something it’s not. Love is like that. When you meet the right person, you’ll know. And you won’t be able to let it go.”

This one turned out to be so much better than I had expected. I loved this beautiful, moving tale and I was invested in these two characters’ story from the very beginning. I truly enjoyed this author’s storytelling and I’m so looking forward to read her upcoming books. I loved the two main characters. Both of them were endearing had so much depth and were so well developed. Crystal is that type of heroine you will connect immediately. She was simply wonderful, vividly portrayed, relatable and I have to say I loved her personality very much. She was fun and I loved her kindness and the fact that she knew what she wanted and never gave up on trying to find the perfect man for her.

“The smell of him, the feel of his hands in my hair, the taste of Nate are intoxicating me in so many ways that I forget where we are, who we are, what we are.”

Nate is different from anything Crystal ever wanted, the opposite of what she should want. He was a fantastic hero and I truly felt for him as the story unfolded and his past was revealed. He’s a troubled man whose vulnerability, past and personality make me fell in love with from the start. I loved his moral code, his loyalty and of course the way he was with Crystal as the story progressed.

“Sometimes, planning for the future only leads to disappointment. It’s what we do with the present that matters.”

Crystal and Nate’s relationship progressed in a very believable way. They were so good for each other, their connection being so palpable. Needless to say I connected with them individually and as a (potential) couple. Their love story was truly wonderful, intense, heartwarming, both of them making me smile and swoon so many times.

“Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with you. And it’s not because I was lonely. You complete me in a way no one else ever has.”

I loved all the supporting characters. All of them were lovely and well portrayed, but the one who almost stole the show for me was Ed. Ed’s present and past touched my heart. He was such an endearing character and I have to say I really loved his role in Crystal and Nate’s relationship.

All in all, ‘Wild Abandon’ was a beautiful, emotional story that will touch your heart and soul with endearing main and supporting characters, entertaining dialogue and a delightful love story that will make you swoon and smile.