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What it Takes to Fall (Forget Me Knot #3) by C.R. Ellis

What it Takes to Fall Book Cover What it Takes to Fall
Forget Me Knot #3
C.R. Ellis
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
February 21st, 2019


Happily settled into my new position at FMK Weddings, I never expected to be presented with the career opportunity of a lifetime. And I definitely wasn’t expecting it to mean working with Bryce McKnight.

Bryce was the heart and soul of my childhood—my best friend.

Until life pulled us apart and we lost touch.

Our friendship picks up right where it left off—complete with colorful trash talking and wagers on Mario Kart showdowns—only, I’m pretty sure friends don’t make out in parking lots or have naked sleepovers…


The first time we met, I won Elliot Kincaid’s trust with candy and card games.

After everything I’ve done, it’ll take a lot more to win her heart.

Fortunately, I love a good challenge.

With so much at stake for us both, I know Elliot thinks we’re setting ourselves up for heartbreak.

I’ll just have to show her that our friendship was always meant to be the foundation of our forever.

Megan’s Review


“Subtlety was overrated. I refused to be another question mark, another unknown in her life.
In a sea of chaos, I’d be the anchor she needed.”

I am a huge fan of the friends-to-lovers stories and when I read the synopsis for What it Takes to Fall, I knew this was one book I had to get my hands on. This is the third book in the Forget me Knot series and was breathtakingly beautiful and sweet. I fell for these characters big time and wanted nothing more than to see them live happily ever after, like I felt they deserved. C. R. Ellis has written an engaging and stunning addition to the series with What it Takes to Fall. I fell in love with this sweet and sexy story about two childhood friends reunited after several years apart.

Elliot and Bryce are childhood friends who have reunited years later, and while you would expect your former best friend to have changed dramatically over the years, the love and care for these two was instantly apparent. They just morphed into what they once were with so much ease and it was quite obvious Elliot and Bryce were meant to be in each other’s lives forever.

I loved both these characters and the undeniable connection they had with each other that spanned over so many years; their friendly banter and their profound sexual chemistry kept me on the edge of my seat with the anticipation of their slow burning attraction. One thing I love most about friends to lovers stories is the anticipation and watching the lines between friendship and lovers become increasingly blurred the more you delve into the story.

“With you, the what ifs…fade away…”

Elliot is a career driven, independent and smart woman who is married to her job as a wedding co-ordinator while Bryce is sweet, sexy and charming. His sexy smirk and dirty talk meant they were simply a match made in heaven. The only obstacle standing in Bryce’s way was Elliot allowing her heart to open fully to the prospect of a forever with Bryce.

What it Takes to Fall is a fun, sexy and steamy small town friends to lovers romance that drew me in instantly and kept me fully immersed in the story right up until the very last word was read. C. R. Ellis is a strong writer whose beautiful words always resonate with me and I can’t wait to read Xander’s story next.