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Val’s Weekend Recap: A Book Sick Thanksgiving

Yo, yo, yo, Steamy peeps!

For all our US friends, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend?

For all our non-US friends, I hope you just pigged the fuck out for the hell of it.

Because, why not, amiright?

As long as I don’t look like this on Monday morning…


I consider it a win.

Regardless, I hope you ALL drank and stuffed yourselves to the yoga pant limit this weekend.

Although, after Thursday’s binge…

I think I might be asking too much of my beloved legging friends.


Now if you are more of a maxi skirt kinda gal, that’s okay too.


I am both a maxi skirt girl AND a yoga pant girl, depending on my mood.

Although, I must say, after last week…

I might be a muumuu kind of girl.


But whatevs!


Or it would have been in the past…

…If not for the fact that I have…we shall call them “gastrointestinal issues…” more commonly referred to as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Which means…

Actually, let’s stop there.



You get the idea, no?


There actually IS a silver lining to being sick like this sometimes, though.

Because there is SICK SICK.

And then there is BOOK SICK.

What, what, you say?


See, Sick Sick is when you are…well, really fucking sick.

Like, as in, the legit flu, food poisoning, migraine, or other such malady that renders you incapable of doing anything other than lying in bed pining for a swift death with a side of Theraflu…

And then there is Book Sick.

Now books sick is the kind of sick where – while you can’t leave your bathroom house…


…you CAN stay in bed all day READING.

With NO guilt.


AND some sympathy from Sir Handyman to boot.


And THAT, my friends, is what I call a WIN.

I hope everyone had a great, non-shitty weekend!

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