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Warrior (Breeder #3) by Cara Bristol

Warrior Book Cover Warrior
Breeder Series #3
Cara Bristol
Fiction, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Between war and duty, they find love…

On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love with another, she is unable to accept the arrangement and flees. Bound by his duty, her lover Urazi intends to bring her back to fulfill her function. But war intervenes, and as their planet fights a desperate battle against a villainous despot, Anika and Urazi become united in their determination to save their people. But with their lives on the line, the love they share may become the biggest risk of all.

The third book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, Warrior can be read as a stand-alone.