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Volatile Obsessions by Dee Garcia

Volatile Obsessions Book Cover Volatile Obsessions
Dee Garcia
Dark Romance
27th January 2019

The streets of Miami became my home at a young age, streets that weren’t always very pleasant or forgiving. I hustled hard to get by, refused to seek help. I did plenty of things I’m not proud of either.
But I made it... Now, this is my city. 
My merciless streets. 
My empire. 
So I don’t know who the hell Roman King thinks he is, storming in here and throwing around demands. He wants my power. 
My throne. 
Well, news flash for him…
Over my. Dead. Body.
I’ll wreak havoc on his life far worse than the demons of his past, demons that somehow mesh so well with my own…
He ???? bow down to this Queen.

She bloody warned me, threatened me with war, but those threats hold no power over me. 
They don’t faze me.
Summoned to aid this city in ending her era, I’m the leading pawn on the chess board meant to dethrone the Queen.
She’s vicious, ruthless, corrupt—a challenge I fancy a little too much.
So let this vow be heard today...
Miami will burn to the ashes, but in the end, it will rise, reborn from the blood of her empire. The depravity that runs through my veins will consume every tear and relish her cries for mercy.
Lux Mercier ???? kneel at my altar.
The King will reign.

Tracey’s Review

Have you ever read a book from just seeing the cover, not really reading the blurb but diving head first into the unknown? Well, I did this with Dee Garcia’s Volatile Obsessions. The cover for the book just whispered “READ ME” to my black heart and I’m so glad I took a chance at this book.

I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put this book down until I had read everything page, sometimes re-reading sections off the book. Dee Garcia is a new author to me so I was a little unsure about her writing style, but she has the ability with her words to keep you engaged with the story and the characters. 

To all my fellow black hearted souls, this book has one off the best dark, addictive romances that I have read for a very long time. 

This storyline will suck you in and catch you off guard when it delivers the many, many, OMG twists. Throughout the book I was left questioning which way this story was going to end, believe me I could nerve have predicted the ending. I was on tender hooks till the very end. 

I absolutely connected with our main characters Lux Mercier and Roman King. Both characters are amazing in their own dark twisted way. Even with their dark hearts, these characters have a vulnerability that allows the readers to connect to the softer side. 

Lux Mercier was such as strong character that I felt an instant connection to her. Her child life wasn’t the easiest and it left her with a resilience that was truly amazing to read. She has this smart mouth, sharp witted attitude that fitted this character to the T.

Roman King was the new alpha in town and he certainly knew how to make an impact. He oozed arrogance and sex appeal which made him down right sexy. He loved pushing Lux’s buttons and when he pushed the right button, the fire was ignited between the two characters. What I loved most about Roman’s character was the softness we got to see when he opened up himself to Lux. This was when I felt his true character shined.

Overall, this story took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this dark romance as much as I did and I’m very much intrigued to see if this style of writing by Dee Garcia can be found in her other books. Be sure to check out this amazing read but be warned this book does cover some dark matters which might be uncomfortable to some readers.