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Vengeance by Shara Azod

Vengeance Book Cover Vengeance
Shara Azod
Fiction, Dark Romance
August 12th 2015

Her scars ran so deep, her soul had been severed in two. Michelene had killed and run—but not far enough, or fast enough.

They’d found her.

Azriel had but one rule. No attachments. This rule had kept him alive. He’d lived by it—until her.

She’d found her savior in a man whose past was even darker than her own and whose soul held shadows of that dark. He made her body explode in ways she’d never imagined possible and gave her heart something she’d long given up... hope.

Michelene was his saving grace. The only thing which kept the darkness from consuming him. She was his to protect and cherish.

God help anyone who challenged that--because Vengeance would be his.

Val’s Review

“Don’t google porn”…and other tidbits I’ve learned and re-learned today…

1) Revenge Books are the Shizzle.

Sadistic blood thirst, how do I love thee?

Many ways.



2) Sometimes you just need a book with not much story and lots ‘o’ possessive, angry smut.


3) Never…



…Google the words “interracial sex” and “bdsm gifs” unless you are NOT at work, NOT surrounded by children and WANT an eye full of straight porn.