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Val’s Weekend Recap: Mr. Dead Sexy

What’s up party people, how was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was decent…

On Thursday afternoon, I drank some wine by my front window and watched my neighbor laboriously decorate his house.

For a holiday that’s not on MY radar yet…but seems to be the focal point of every pumpkin spice peddling retail establishment in America.


It’s a crazy, pumpkin spice/Ugg boot/yoga pant world we are living in, folks.

On Friday night, Sir Handyman and some of our BFFs went out to a concert at The Greek Theater in the Los Angeles Hills.

Before that though, we decided to ensure we had plenty of time to get hammered head out early to beat traffic, so we got out there early and ate at a cool pub on Los Feliz.

Two Moscow Mules in and, well…



Two more glasses of wine later and I was sitting at the Greek getting a contact high and listening to the X Ambassadors…


…And Fitz and the Tantrums.


We went for the X Ambassadors – who were great by the way, although the headliners were the Fitz people.

I didn’t realize that I actually HAVE heard their stuff before until they started playing, but they were good too.

I can’t even describe their music, though.

Wikipedia calls it ” American indie pop and neo soul…”


But it was good. They are really talented…

But then again, at two Mules and three glasses of wine deep, pretty sure anything would have sounded super awesome to me.

Saturday morning I had to get up and go to work.

At 6am.

Now, you would think this would have been super painful for me, but thankfully, I either:

a) drank enough water to offset a hangover or,

b) have officially reached alcoholic status and have an elephant sized tolerance.


But no matter.

In other news, we have a new guy at work.

And lemme just say that he’s soooooooo fucking hot it’s ridiculous.


No seriously though, you guys.

My real life standards are pretty steep.

And this dude is so gorgeous I feel like I am cheating on Sir Handyman just by staring at him.


He’s 6’5″ and all muscly and ish and has a handsome face to boot.

Here was our first interaction for your perusal…

Dead Sexy: “Hi.”

Me: “Hi.”

(Long pause during which I unabashedly stare at him for a full five seconds. At least.)

Me: “What sport did you used to play?”

Dead Sexy: “Football.”

Me: “Football, huh?”

Dead Sexy smiles and nods at me.

Me: “I wasn’t thinking football.
I was thinking log rolling…caber throwing…or just any form of ax-wielding lumber-jacking in general.”

(laughter from surrounding co-workers)

Dead Sexy: “Oh, um, well…”

Me: (continues unabashedly staring) “You could totally kill that whole lumber-sexual look, you know. Although I doubt you even need to make any effort whatsoever. Do chicks just drop like naked flies at your feet?”

(more surrounding laughter)

My (very male) partner JD: (pats Dead Sexy on the back) “Don’t worry man, you’ll get used to her.”

Me: “I sure hope so.”


Now, book-wise (the ACTUAL reason anyone is here, sorry!)

This week I started reading the Billionaire Bachelor’s series by Melody Anne, which I am enjoying.

I am also reading an ARC for Anna Zaires’ called The Krinar Captive, which is being released later this month.

A find I am also excited about this week is T.S. Joyce’s Bear Fur Hire Series. Based on the title, I was expecting a tongue in cheek, campy shifter story, but color me happily surprised when I cracked book one open and immediately fell in love with the serious awesomeness.

I don’t know how this series has escaped my notice, quite frankly. I have yet to post full reviews on those yet, but hope to get to that this week.

Other than that, just a normal weekend around here.

I hope you all had a great one too…