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Val’s Weekend Recap: That Time I Went to a Hockey Game

Good morning, good morning, good morning.

Welcome to another installment of “This Shit Has Nothing to Do With Books, My Bad.”

How was everyone’s weekend??

Mine was alternately awesome and exhaustively not so awesome.

I had to work, so boo.

But on Saturday night, I got to go to my first Los Angeles Kings hockey game at the Staples Center, which was super fun.


Even though I have never been to a hockey game in person, I DO know the rules of the game.

Thus, while Sir Handyman diligently explained each and every play to me, I was more interested in trying to decide which players I should cast as Shea Adler and Lucas Brooks AKA my Toni Aleo Assassins book boyfriends.

I decided to go with Andy Andreoff as Shea…


And Jeff Carter as Lucas….




My friend Kenny let me borrow his camo Kings jersey for the game, so I could be a total poser and dress like a legit for real fan.


Kenny is crazy weird about smells.

Like we are talking crazy weird in that he hates smells so much, he will only use a specific kind of laundry detergent, he won’t wear deodorant (and thankfully is one of those lucky souls who doesn’t need it) and he has to approve all of his wife’s scented purchases, e.g. perfume, shampoo, etc.

So being the awesome friend that I am, I – of course – made sure to liberally douse myself, and thus his jersey, in Pumpkin Spice Latte body spray before giving it back to him.

You’re Welcome, Kenny.



I would never do that, people.

Cause that would make me an ASSHOLE.

I totally used Twisted Peppermint…Pumpkin Spice is so October.

And we be in November, folks.


Speaking of November, we had to set the clocks back an hour this weekend.

Meaning THIS girl got an extra hour of sleep following the big game and before having to wake up for work at 430 am the next morning.



I am one of those people who needs a LOT of sleep.

And I would sell my firstborn for an extra hour on any given day.

In fact, I love sleep so much, one of my husband’s nicknames for me is “Sleepasaurus.”


Yeah…nickname creation is obviously not one of Sir Handyman’s many talents.

He has actually only come up with one decent one in the ten years I’ve known him.

Random side story explaining said success:

A long time ago, when we only had two dogs (instead of our current three), I really wanted a cat.

So I asked Sir Handyman if we could get one.

His response?

“We already have enough pussy in the house.”



He then said, “And besides, you already have a cat…Dakota Cat,” and then points to this yahoo:


Who is clearly a dog…

…and apparently likes porn.

Regardless, we have called Dakota “Kat” ever since.


And there you have it, folks.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my bullshit weekend and bullshit life! LOL

Hope you all had a nice weekend too! Have a great week!