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Val’s Weekend Recap: That Time I Talked about My Supposed Alcoholism

What up, Steamy peeps?!

A more appropriate title for this post would have been:

Val’s Weekend AKA Entire Month of February Recap.

Because M. I. Fucking. A.

But what can I say?

I had a busy month.
And I’m lazy.


Now before we get “started,” I have to tell you this…

I recently received a very well meaning message from a goodreads follower who was very…

…concerned about my well being.

Apparently – because I talk about alcohol and alcohol consumption so often – this person was worried that I have an alcoholic problem.


Now, first of all, I am NOT making fun of this person.

I truly appreciate their concern and candor.

Plus, I think that’s super sweet and commendable that they were worried about me – and brave enough – to send me a message about it.


And second, I feel that I must take this opportunity to assure anyone reading that I am actually NOT an alcoholic…





I prefer the term “Equal Opportunity” addict.

Because why only abuse alcohol, yo?

There’s also nicotine, caffeine, and (perhaps most the socially acceptable vice of all) FOOD.


That said, in order to totally NOT reassure everyone that I’m not an alcoholic…


I am going to start all my posts and review from here on out with a CUP COUNT.

That’s right.

From now on, before every post, I will outline how much wine, how many margaritas, or much caffeinated goodness I’ve downloaded before tapping out some more complete bullshit.

So, without further ado…

TODAY’S CUP COUNT: 3 glasses of Bull Pen house Merlot


Now, I know what you are thinking…there is no way that she has had that much wine before noon.

But – Surprise! – I wrote this Thursday night.

Cause I’m a cheater.

Tee hee.

That said, I’m now tie tie and ready for bed.

So I will have to save all of my oh so dazzling February events for next week’s post.


And have a wonderful weekend!