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Val’s Weekend Recap: Rain + Traffic = LAZY

What’s up Steamy peeps.

Val here.

How was everyone’s week?
Do anything fun?
Read anything good?

Personally, I have been feeling lazy as F#%K this week, so I didn’t end up doing much of anything, quite frankly.


And that includes reading.

I did, however, manage to finish two books…The Krinar Captive, which was not as awesome as I thought it was going to be…and Mercury Striking, which surprised me with how much I liked it.

Mercury was extra exciting because it was based in Los Angeles, AKA, my home turf.

In fact, a few times the 405 was mentioned and I found myself like this:


For those who don’t know, the 405 freeway is one of the main thoroughfares through Southern California…and the star of numerous morning radio traffic alerts.

In fact, being that I spend many an hour stuck on this bad boy in heinous traffic, I’m not sure why I got this sense of proud nostalgia when it was mentioned…

But. whatevs.

For those curious, here is what the 405 – from my very own car and my very own phone camera – looks like:


Sir Handyman asked me what time I thought I’d be home on Monday night.

This picture was my response.

For those who can’t read traffic-pic-speak, the rough translation is:

“It’s going to take me a fucking hour and a half to go 20 miles, God dammit. (resigned sigh) See you when I get there, I guess.”


Also speaking of exciting LA news, we were actually gifted by some awesomeness this week:



Very, VERY exciting for us Southern Californian’s being that we are Sahara-deep in one of the longest and worst droughts ever, it seems.

I hope we get some more soon.

Other than that, I don’t really have much to say being that I am doing this post in between last night’s four glasses of wine and the niece’s 830am preschool Halloween parade this morning.

She’s going as the Evil Queen from Snow White (the pretty one, not the wart-nosed one) and has apparently been practicing her Evil Queen cackle.

A girl after my own heart.




What are YOU dressing up as this Halloween?