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Val’s Belated Holiday Recap

Happy Monday morning, Steamy peeps!

Happy belated New Year, by the way. I know, I know…WAAAAAY late.

But what can I say? I’m just being Miley.


And this Miley is always late.


I’m THAT wife-sister-friend that is always rolling in 15 minutes past the intended departure time.

Unless it’s work. And even then I’m on time just by the lady fuzz on my chinny chinny chin.

Oh! Speaking of my tardiness.

Check out my favorite Christmas present from this past Christmas, courtesy of Sir Handyman:


Elllll ohhhhh ellllll…Holy crap, great job Handystud.

If we were playing soccer (or football for all my non-US friends – which makes WAY more sense than soccer by the by) this sweatshirt gift would be a hat trick of epic proportions.

That means three goals by the same player in a single game, for those non sporty peeps.

And here’s how:

Goal #1: It offers an apology for my tardiness, however genuine it may or may not be.

Goal #2: It makes a tongue-in-cheek funny about me not wanting to be somewhere – when there’s actually a 99% chance that’s the truth.

Goal #3: It’s keeping me nice and toasty warm during this rainy season we are currently experiencing in my little zone of the world.

So good job, Handygifter.

Another gift I received that amused me this Christmas came from my sister-in-law (or SIL for short).

And, in this case, it’s not so much the gift itself that amused me…but the story that goes along with it.

For those who follow me either on here or on goodreads, ya’ll know I pretty much exclusively read romance, fantasy, and the occasional biography.

And I loathe Chick-lit.

Or anything even closely resembling chick-lit, i.e., Eat Pray Love, Wild, etc.

So basically anything about – or that appears to be about – a middle-aged white woman having a mid-life crisis that results in an epiphany on life and/or “finding herself.”

I know, I know. So cynical, so bitchy…so not caring that anyone might find me cynical or bitchy.

And don’t get me wrong. These kinds of reads – and the people who enjoy them – are great.

Never mind that I myself am a white cracker chick who is rapidly approaching middle-age myself.

I just have NO interest in those type of books.

And the SIL is very aware of this fact.

So imagine my inner…excitement when I opened up this bad boy:





Now, while on the inside I was saying this:


On the outside?


Accompanied by the requisite “thank you.”

And what does she say?

“Well, I know you don’t really like these kinds of books. But I just actually really wanted to read it. So I figured you could let me borrow it when you are done.”


My response?

“So…what you are saying is…you bought yourself a gift and it’s just taking a detour at my house?”

SIL: “Well, yeah, I guess. Hahaha.”

Me: “Oh. Well, hey, that sounds practical.”


And so there you have it, folks.

Efficient gift giving at its finest.

Again, happy belated New Year, peeps!

Have a great week.