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Untouchable by Isabel Love

Untouchable Book Cover Untouchable
Isabel Love
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
April 6th 2017

The first time I see her, I want to touch her. Drawn to the sensual way she moves her body, I have to dance with her. Dancing leads to touching, touching leads to watching her come undone in my arms, but then she runs off without telling me her name—leaves me wondering if she was even real.

The second time I see her, I want to thank my lucky stars our paths have crossed once again—until I realize she’s off limits.

The universe must be playing a joke on me right now, because the sexy goddess that has been starring in my fantasies for the past couple weeks? She’s my new boss.

Translation: untouchable.


I’ve already touched her. And I want to do it again.

Maria’s Review

➦OK. So I have a list of important questions. Of questions I would ask a murse. A hot murse. In case I ever came across one. Because you have to be prepared, people. My ideal one would hands down be this dude right here:

Oh, btw he’s an actual real male nurse and prefers to be called a murse. how cute.

Right. Questions, in no particular order of importance:

•Was I supposed to tie this gown in the front? Muh bad!

•Something’s up with my breathing. Like, tooootally out of breath. Mouth to mouth, please?

•Do you, by any chance, make house calls? I’m indisposed and can’t travel. nuhuh

•I know you’re not a gyno but you should be, at the very least, qualified to do a breast exam… right?

•I’m seriously injured, can I please stay overnight? *stubs toe hard*

➦Crap, I’m seriously getting carried away here, let me get back to the actual review. So, as you’ve derived from above the hero of this novel is a male nurse. And the heroine is a hospital director, I think… a hot woman boss, an uptight workaholic and a lonely human being. Can this murse remind her how to have fun again and ultimately find happiness?

➦This is Isabel Love’s debut novel and I thought it was wonderfully written and well balanced. It had good amount of banter, steam and angst. I especially enjoyed the angsty bits because I felt bad for the situation these two main characters found themselves in. It was great to be in their heads and I enjoyed every moment of it.

➦I am looking forward to reading Isabel Love’s upcoming installments in this series and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances with a forbidden office affair trope and generally wants to drool over hot murse, albeit an imaginary one.

I’ll leave you with a naughty quote from the book.

“I have to go to work and see Max again. I have to act like I didn’t have a dream about him fucking my brains out then masturbate to thoughts of said dream.
Piece of cake.”

Megan’s Review

“Monica Morgan is off limits. One-hundred percent untouchable.”

Is this seriously Isabel Love’s debut novel? Surely not… well it is and I can’t believe it. It was superb and I keep asking myself “why oh why did it take me so long to read this?” Untouchable just ticked all the boxes for me and contained some of the many tropes I love; forbidden romance and office romance. This story literally sucked me in from the start with its perfect balance of angst, steam and humor.

Monica is not only a doctor but is also the director of the ER, so not surprisingly work takes up most of her time and her life is a mix of huge amounts of stress and countless responsibilities. One night though, she throws caution to the wind and decides to go dancing. This is the perfect escape for her from reality.

“Each piece of him – his muscular chest, sinewy arms, tapered waist, and strong thighs – completes my checklist for the perfect man.”

While dancing the night away and relishing the temporary freedom, the beat of the music puts her at ease and she comes in contact with a stranger…. A tall, dark and sexy stranger. He is quite possibly the most beautiful and perfect specimen of a man Monica has ever come across.

When Monica is back at work she meets one her new male nurses, Max. Max in none other than the perfect hot stranger she met whilst dancing at the club. She never expected to see him again, let alone have him working for her. I knew then that things were about to get really interesting…

“What does that make her? My boss? No, my boss’s boss.
Translation: Untouchable.
I want to touch her again.”

The sexual attraction and chemistry between Monica and Max was instantaneous and out of this world crazy hot. There is most definitely a force that is greater than them that is pulling them towards each other and it is obvious they desire one another intensely. They both know the attraction is forbidden which in turns makes them both untouchable to one another (pardon the pun.)

“I love the combination of gentle and rough, the way he talks dirty to me while giving me more pleasure than anyone ever has before.”

I loved this story and it really captivated me from the start. I loved these characters and I especially loved how the heroine was the boss for a nice change of pace. So many forbidden love/office romances the boss is the hero, so it was a nice change to this much loved trope. Monica was such an admirable heroine; she was strong, determined and hardworking and Max had a beautiful heart, really sweet and so sexy. He can give me CPR anytime…

If you are looking for your next read to be the perfect mix of hotness, angst, emotion and hilarity then definitely give this one a go. Recommended for all fans of forbidden office romances consisting of stellar writing and characters you can’t help but fall in love with. GO ON… One click this one, you know you want to…