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Unprofessional by J.D. Hawkins

Unprofessional Book Cover Unprofessional
J.D. Hawkins
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
March 22nd 2017

What happens when the internet's favorite playboy falls in love?

I have the best job in the world. Date beautiful women and write about it.

But I want to take it to the next level: instead of writing about my experiences make it into an online reality show.
But here is the catch. My boss wants me to share the show with a woman co-host. And he wants that woman to be my best friend and co-worker, Margo.
I’ll date beautiful women and she’ll date hot men. Sounds fair enough.

So now I have to watch her fake date hot men. I used to love going home with a different woman every night, but suddenly this isn’t as fun. Seeing Margo with anyone else is driving me crazy.

And the more time I spend with her working on the show, the less I want to keep our relationship in the friends’ zone. And the harder it is to stop myself from imagining her bent over the copier.

Things are about to get unprofessional.

Maria’s Review

➦’Unprofessional’ follows a pretty standard formula for a ‘friends first’ romance where two friends of opposite gender fall into bed with each other after having one too many drinks. The problem is they like it too much. Another problem is they work together.

➦Their work project is my favorite part of the book. It’s quite entertaining. They set each other up for a date and then film those dates and release footage on their vlog. Some of those dates were hilarious and had me chuckling. I also enjoyed the jealous reactions from both the hero and the heroine.

➦This was an enjoyable office romance, in which the manwhore finally falls in love. I had no problem breezing through it, however, I wasn’t invested in the characters completely as it felt like they were lacking depth.

➦In stories where best friends fall for each other I normally would expect flashbacks to the past to get a better idea of the relationship. I only remember one here and it was at the very end of the book. It felt like there wasn’t much there but the sex, which was pretty hot, by the way, but I wasn’t jumping up and down either. I don’t think that I will remember these characters for a long time, there just wasn’t enough there to make them stand out for me in the sea of other characters occupying my brain on a daily basis… :p

➦So, to sum it up: overall, this book has left a positive impression on me, and if you’re looking for a fast sexy and fun read then you might enjoy this book!