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Unexpected Odds (Unexpected Arrivals #5) by Kaylee Ryan

Unexpected Odds Book Cover Unexpected Odds
Unexpected Arrivals
Kaylee Ryan
Contemporary Romance
19th March 2020
Yes, although part of a series

They say the mistakes of our past shape our future. That we’re molded from experience, from heartache, and from pain.

What happens when your past is riddled with regrets?

How do you see through the fog, to navigate the path to your future?

One breath.
One second.
One minute.
One hour.
One day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected odds.

Tracey’s Review

So, I a little bit late to the party with Kaylee Ryan’s Unexpected Arrival’s series, having read the first book in the series, Unexpected Reality I quickly realised that this series was one that I was going to thoroughly enjoy. With that being said I quickly downloaded the following series and I freaking loved it!

Unexpected Odds is the final book in the series and I’m a little sad knowing that this is the last book, here’s to keeping my fingers crossed for Kaylee to writing a series about the second generation that are introduced in this series.

This book is a second chance secret baby romance and it was so freaking good, I consumed this book in an evening (thanks to being in self isolation). I adored Kent in the previous books and I was over the moon that this series was ending this his book. Kent is a character that just captures your heart, he is a strong, reliable, good guy who is at the point in this life where he is wanting what his friends have, a family. The problem is he gave his heart away 5 years ago.

Delaney is a character that showed true resilience from the first page. Having been involved in a car accident, her memories have been stolen and she is reliant on others telling her what happen and what her life was like before the accident. Delaney isn’t a walk over, she is a strong, independent and fierce momma bear to a 5-year-old little lady, Kendrix.

A chance meeting brings our two main characters together and we quickly realise that there is more than just an instant connection, there is a history and a forgotten relationship, but will Laney and Kent be able to work out that went wrong and will they be able to love another?

Just like each book within this series, it gives us a few twists and turns but ultimately the HEA ending is just around the corner. I would recommend this series to anyone who is after a light-hearted romance story that is light on the drama but big on romance.