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Unbreak My Heart (Fostering Love, #1) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Unbreak My Heart Book Cover Unbreak My Heart
Fostering Love, #1
Nicole Jacquelyn
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 7, 2016

What do you do when your soul mate marries your best friend?

If you're Kate Evans, you keep your friend Rachel, bond with her kids, and bury your feelings for her husband. The fact that Shane's in the military and away for long periods helps-but when tragedy strikes, everything changes.

After Rachel, pregnant with her fourth child, dies in a car accident and the baby miraculously survives, Kate upends her entire life to share parenting duties. Then on the first anniversary of Rachel's death, Kate and Shane take comfort in each other in a night that they both soon regret.

Shane's been angry for a year, and now he feels guilty too - for sleeping with his wife's best friend and liking it . . . liking her. Kate's ability to read him like a book may have once sent Shane running, but their lives are forever entwined and they are growing closer.

Now with Shane deployed for seven months, Kate is on her own and struggling with being a single parent. Shane is loving and supportive from thousands of miles away, but his homecoming brings a betrayal Kate never saw coming. So Kate's only choice is to fight for the future she deserves - with or without Shane. . .

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ARIANNA’s review


“Love can overlook a lot of things.”

I can’t believe this was my first book by this author! Why I waited so long to read one of her books…I don’t know. I have been meaning to try this author since forever and I’m so glad I finally did, because I really enjoyed her storytelling and I loved her writing. Like many readers I’m not really an angst whore. I like to read angsty books from time to time but I’m not really looking for them. Also, to fully enjoy an angsty read I really have to be in the mood.

“It was time to step into shoes that were not my own.”

‘Unbreak My Heart’ was not only one of the most gut-wrenching books I’ve read this year, but it also was one of the most gripping emotional books I’ve read in a while. This first book in the series totally blew me away – with its story, with its characters and even with all the f@cking angst that almost killed me. It almost killed me, but surprise, surprise, I totally loved it! It gave me heart palpitations and everything, but I honestly enjoyed every minute of it.

“I’d loved him from afar for most of my adult life, and while I didn’t see that changing anytime soon, I also didn’t expect that he’d ever return those feelings.”

‘Unbreak My Heart’ tells the story of Kate Evans who has been in love with her best friend’s husband, Shane since they were teens. For years, Kate did the “impossible” – she put her feelings aside, being a good friend for her bestie, Rachel, supporting her in everything and caring for her and her three children. The fact that Shane is in the military helped her situations over the years, but everything changes for Kate when Rachel, pregnant with her fourth child dies in a car accident while the baby miraculously survives. From that moment, Kate and Shane’s lives change irrevocably. Kate sacrifices everything and tries to care for her best friend’s children as best as she can. She loves these kids and while Shane’s clearly doesn’t appreciate her help like he was supposed to, she would give her life for any of them.

“I’d pushed her aside for so long that there was no foundation to build on. Just a mess of shattered pieces that I’d crushed with a sledgehammer every time she’d grown closer than I was comfortable with.”

This book sucked me in from the very beginning. Even if it was a very heart-breaking read, this story of love and loss, was very addictive. I couldn’t put it down for one minute! I enjoyed the story-line, how everything between the two main characters progressed, the pace of the story and even some plot devices I usually don’t care about…too much. That being said, I enjoyed my first read by this author tremendously and I loved almost every aspect of the story.

As I mentioned above, I loved the angst in this one. I loved that wasn’t “stupid” angst and I loved the fact the author didn’t try to play with my emotions…too much. With such a premise it’s normal for you to expect some drama…duh…but the good think is the author didn’t overwhelmed the reader with unnecessary drama. So kudos to the author for that!

I have to say the author this a stellar job with both main characters’ development. I loved their portrayal and also the amount of depth they had as the story unfolded. I loved Kate, our heroine. Kate was first and foremost a genuinely good person. She had such a big heart! I loved the way she cared for the four kids. She was an amazing mother for them and I absolutely loved the relationship she has with them. She felt more like a mother than an auntie in my opinion and I loved that the author made me feel that. I’m sure many readers will think Kate was too forgiving at times or that other times she was a doormat. In my opinion she wasn’t that at all.

“I don’t need you to save me…I never needed you to fucking save me.”

Our hero, Shane pissed me off more than any hero I’ve read about in a looong time. At times he was an a$$hole, the biggest a$$hole possible. I lost the numbers of times I wanted to smack him in the head. But yeah, there were many. I had a hard time liking him, understanding him and forgiving him…at least at first. However, I can’t lie…he was a good father and as the story progressed he redeemed herself…in some way…kind of. I would have wanted for him to pull his head out of his a$$ a little sooner…but well…better late than never. As the story unfolded, he realizes not only that Kate is not the enemy, but also that he loves her. Gahh, he was so infuriating at times, but I have to say I liked how sweet and caring he was with her at times.

“For the past couple of nights when I’d lain down beside her, after she’d called asleep and I knew she couldn’t hear me, I’d promised her that she’d never have to forgive me again if she could do it one last time.”

Kate and Shane’s relationship development was turbulent to say the least and I really liked the believable way it progressed.

Overall, this was a fantastic emotional read I highly recommend it if you are looking for something angsty that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

“I couldn’t change the past, but hell if I didn’t want to be what Kate needed now.”

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