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Twenty-Two (Assassins #11.5) by Toni Aleo

Twenty-Two Book Cover Twenty-Two
Toni Aleo
May 22, 2017

When Lucas Brooks was traded to the Nashville Assassins over a decade ago, he was a brash, brawling hothead without an anchor.

Well, four kids and a smokin' hot wife will weigh you down real fast, but Lucas wouldn't change a minute of his happily ever after.

During an epic, end-of-season quest for the Cup, changes appear on the horizon, and suddenly, there's a plot twist in Lucas's fairy tale.

Val’s Review

3-3.25 Stars

This was a decent enough read…

…but this series has definitely lost a bit of the…momentum of some of the earlier books in the series.

For me at least.


In this book we spend some time with Lucas and Fallon as 1) Lucas grapples with impending retirement and 2) Their son Aiden starts getting scouted for collegiate hockey.

I am guessing this will foray into another Bellevue book, with Aiden acting as the star…hopefully?


Regardless, while not my favorite thing ever, this was still a cute read that I think fans of the series would enjoy if they want really a visit with Lucas and Fallon…and are willing to part with $2.99 to get it.

I will absolutely still read whatever comes next in this series or the Bellevue series. Taking Shots was literally the first book I ever read on my kindle and, soon after that, my first foray into this goodreads world. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Toni Aleo and her brand of OTT sticky sweet.

Hoping Aiden’s book is a good as I know she can make it.