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The Wingman by Natasha Anders

The Wingman Book Cover The Wingman
Natasha Anders
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
March 7th 2017

She was supposed to be his one-night distraction. But their attraction is undeniable.

Introverted Daisy McGregor is used to being a wallflower, but what she lacks in style, she makes up for with an acerbic wit, a passion for life, and a deep devotion to her family. So she’ll suffer through her sister Dahlia’s bachelorette party and accept the cloud of pity for going stag to the wedding.

Out at the pub, sexy bad boy Mason Carlisle is a reluctant wingman tasked with entertaining Daisy while his brother flirts with her oldest sister, Daffodil. When the plan fails and Mason’s true intent is revealed, he feels intense guilt—and a sensual spark of desire for the unlikeliest of women.

Daisy decides to use this unfortunate encounter to her advantage: to make it up to her, Mason will be another kind of wingman, playing the role of her boyfriend and wedding date. Will their ruse unravel completely—or will Mason and Daisy’s undeniable attraction ignite a scorching love affair that knows no rules?

Val’s Review

3.75 – 4 Stars

I am a huge fan of Natasha Anders and I have read everything she’s put out.


I love her writing style and I love her plot lines.
As I’ve said before, they are like old school Harlequin goodness.

But GOOD. Really good.
And without any trite cheesiness.

So imagine my excitement when I saw this bad boy coming out.


Yup, that’s “I’m a fish but gonna walk on land” levels of excitement right there, people.

But anymermaid, as I was saying. I love me some Natasha Anders.

My favorite Anders book is The Unwanted Wife…followed closely by A Ruthless Proposition.

Now, as you can see by my star rating, I didn’t love this one as much as those two – which isn’t to say this one wasn’t good – because it was.

It just didn’t hit the spot as much for me.

The H, Mason, is to die for, of course.
And the h, Daisy, is a refreshingly different h.

Daisy is one of three sisters.

Dahlia is “the pretty one.”
Daffodil is “the cute one.”
And Daisy is “the other one.”

Meaning…Daisy is basically the DUFF sister.


Just keeping it real.

Now, as much as I loved this spin, this and the story set up here left me in catch-up mode a little bit.

Why, you say?

Well, when Mason and Daisy make contact for the first time, Mason makes it very clear – to both the reader and Daisy – that he’s not attracted to her or really IN to her in “that way.”

Like, at ALL.


Which kind of bummed me out, I guess.

So when he did start to develop an attraction for her, I had a hard time catching up to him, I guess.

But again, that’s just me.

Soon after their meeting they make “a deal” requiring them to spend some time together.


Which was super fun.

I just felt like it dragged a little in parts, that’s all…which, again, I think is just me.

Because if not for that (the parts where I felt it dragged a little bit) this was a really fun and cute story and I really enjoyed it.

In fact, I will definitely be re-reading this and I can see it being one of those books that I like more and more as I read it a second and third time.