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The Unlucky Ones by Stacey Marie Brown

The Unlucky Ones Book Cover The Unlucky Ones
Stacey Marie Brown
Contemporary Romance
1st April 2019

Misfortune. Bad luck. Heartache.

Devon Thorpe is no stranger to any of them.

After devastating news, Devon’s life becomes a prison of responsibility, heartbreak, and hardship. All her dreams to leave her small town vanish. A prisoner of circumstance.

At her breaking point, Devon has a reckless moment in a diner bathroom with a blue-eyed sexy stranger. A single encounter with him leaves a deep mark on Devon, giving her only a memory of his touch when nights are lonely, and her life becomes too much to take.

Years later, a terrifying incident takes her and her family to Albuquerque NM, where she finds work as a server at a bar to support her mother.

Tattooed, moody, rough, brown-eyed, sexy as hell, Lincoln Kessler, the mysterious owner of the saloon, instantly draws Devon in. She can’t let go of the feeling there is some strange connection between them.

But the more Lincoln tries to push her away, the more determined she is to figure out the enigmatic man. One fiery kiss and Devon realizes she should have stayed away because when their worlds collide and tragedy strikes, she recognizes they are not each other’s savior, but each other’s misfortune.

A tear-jerking novel about ill-fated love, heartache, loss, and finding your way through the pain.

And a lot of bad luck.

*A NA/Adult Sexy and heartbreaking Contemporary Romance. Deeply emotional with a sensitive subject matter of dealing with a crippling mind disease.

Tracey’s Review

I am at a loss for words. The Unlucky Ones is an epic story about love. Love that you have for family and the love you have when you find your soulmate. I was hooked from the first chapter. Its hands down, in my top ten reads of 2019.

When I first started reading peoples comments about this book, I was ultimately intrigued. Having just discovered Stacey Marie Brown and her Collector Series, I was instantly looking for a way to get my hands on a copy of this book, especially with it being a contemporary romance. Having loved Stacey’s Collector Series, I had some high expectations for The Unlucky Ones and boy did this story break every expectation!!

I’m seriously finding it so difficult to not give too much away with excitement.

Devon, our heroine, seriously stole the show. The struggles that she experiences through this book broke my heart. Devon has the weight of the world on her shoulders but while she has so much going on, her attitude is one of strength and resilience. I loved her! She captured my heart from the very first page, I cried, when she cried, and I shouted when she FINALLY lost her temper!

Lincoln had a roughness to him that just drew me to this character, he instantly disliked Devon, why obviously had me asking questions like, why doesn’t he like her, is there history or is he just an asshole. 

These questions were asked and as I delved deeper into Devon and Lincoln’s relationship I lost my heart to this couple. Just like Devon, Lincoln had his own hurdles that he had to overcome. Their journey was certainly a roller coaster, but you could tell from their first meeting that they had this undeniable connection, a chemistry that just couldn’t be contained.

Like I said at the beginning of my review, this book had me hooked from the very first chapter. The Unlucky One by Stacey Marie Brown is a credit to her ability to jump from genre to genre, she has this way of focusing on the characters and writing storylines that have an authenticity to them.