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The Soul Mate (Roommates #4) by Kendall Ryan

The Soul Mate Book Cover The Soul Mate
Roommates Series #4
Kendall Ryan
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
August 14th 2017

From New York Times Bestseller Kendall Ryan comes a sexy new stand-alone novel in her Roommates series.

The smoking-hot one-night stand I was never supposed to see again?

Yeah, well, I might be pregnant, and he’s my OB-GYN.

Megan’s Review

I am a massive Kendall Ryan fan, so unsurprisingly, The Soul Mate was a highly anticipated read for me. I have loved all of the other stories in the Roommates series and could not wait to get my hands on the fourth installment. Once I read the synopsis, believe it or not, I couldn’t wait to read it even more. A sexy and steamy one-night stand, leading to a possible pregnancy and if that isn’t bad enough, going to an OBGYN appointment to find the doctor happens to be your sexy one-night stand. I couldn’t wait to find out how these characters were going to handle this insanely complicated and awkward situation.

Bren is a Zoologist who has devoted all of her time and energy to her career of conservation and working with endangered animals. She has very little time, or inclination for that matter, to find love. Despite this, one night Bren steps out of her comfort zone and heads to a bar looking for a willing participant to spend one hot and sexy night with her. Even though love is the last thing on her mind, a woman still has needs, right? Boy did she find the perfect willing stranger to fulfil those needs.

The next morning, after having one of the hottest nights of her life with a beautiful stranger from the bar, Bren does the typical “dash before he wakes up” maneuver. But that’s ok, because she never expects to see him again.

The sexy stranger, AKA Mason, wakes to find Bren has vanished and is left wondering why. Mason becomes completely consumed with the idea of finding her and his searches online always come to a dead end with no such luck, that is, until she shows up at his doctor’s office with an appointment.

“I was going to find Bren.
And when I did?
I was sure as shit going to make her mine.”

Mason, well there was absolutely, and I mean absolutely, nothing not to love about him in my opinion. He’s sexy, sweet and a successful doctor to boot. What woman wouldn’t want a piece of him? He is adamant that the steamy night he shared with Bren was meant to be and they belong together.

Unfortunately Bren doesn’t share in Mason’s sentiments and attempts to push him away. She does have her reasons for being unwilling to give the relationship a chance. Will Mason be able to convince Bren to take a chance on him and will she be able overcome her doubts and past experiences to finally let love into her heart?

The Soul Mate was a fun and easy going read with some twists and turns I actually didn’t see coming, which I found quite refreshing. I don’t always like stories to be that predictable that I know everything that is going to happen before it does. I love when stories surprise me. For me, Mason made this story; he was so sweet, dependable and just an all-round great guy. If you’re looking for your next read to be on the lighter side with a hero that is sure to make you swoon, then check this one out.

Maria’s Review

➦If you had a one night stand with a stranger and possibly may be got knocked up…. that would be pretty bad, right?

➦But how much worse would it be if you went for an obgyn appointment and ended up with said stranger performing your exam? 

➦It really happened, people. In this book, I mean. And I was so anxious to get my paws on this story because I was so damn intrigued by the blurb. Despite having a very unique premise, I thought this book would follow a predictable trope. So, in that respect, it did surprise me. I didn’t see some things coming.

➦I think I failed to connect with the characters or certain events and I blame my practical brain for that. There was whole lot of insta-love happening on the hero’s side and, although I thought he was very sweet, I didn’t get too many feels. 

➦I certainly don’t discourage anyone from reading this book and if you’re looking for a romance with somewhat of a unique trope then give this one a look! 

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