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The Skeleton King (Dartmoor #3) by Lauren Gilley

The Skeleton King Book Cover The Skeleton King
Dartmoor Series #3
Lauren Gilley
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycle Romance
September 15th 2015

His club brothers call him the Money Man. Vice President Kingston Walsh is one of the most trusted members of the Lean Dogs MC. He’s thoughtful, quiet, and he’s all business. Who better to serve as guardian of the club’s skeletons?

He never counted on the girl, but he’s not letting her go. She has skeletons too…

Emmie Johansen has worked at the same horse farm all her life, and when the owner decides to sell, she’s crushed. Briar Hall is about to be sold to real estate developers, and she’s about to be out of a job, a home, and a purpose.

Enter Walsh, and the Lean Dogs MC. Emmie thought losing the farm was the worst possible scenario. But when the club buys Briar Hall, and keeps her on as manager, she begins to unravel the farm’s dark secrets… and learns the true meaning of “outlaw.”

The Skeleton King is the third full-length installment of the Dartmoor Series, and is NOT a standalone novel. This is a work of Literary Fiction, told from alternating points of view. Be sure to look for earlier books in the series: Fearless, Price of Angels, and Half My Blood. Book 4 coming soon.

Val’s Review

4 Loving This Series Stars

Full Transparency: This was my least favorite so far…but I still really enjoyed it.

To be blunt, Walsh, as romantic as he was, just didn’t really do it for me.

This will sound completely shallow…but I don’t care.

I’m 5’7″ (that’s about 170cm for my metric friends), so reading that Walsh was an inch shorter than me kept making me think of kissing a hobbit.


So shoot me.


Regardless, he was awesome and I really liked Emmie.

The world Gilley has created here is just so rich and I love it.
None of the characters are all good and none of them are all bad, they are just extraordinarily real.

I was really looking forward to Aiden’s story, but with the bomb dropped on us at the end of this one, I’m feeling some…trepidation now. Oh well. Still jumping in.