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The Man I Can’t Have (Ward Duet #1) by Shanora Williams

The Man I Can't Have Book Cover The Man I Can't Have
Ward Duet #1
Shanora Williams
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
May 9th, 2019

It started as a simple search for a landscape designer…

I wanted a beautiful backyard for my new home and my neighbors suggested I look into Ward Landscaping & Design.
The owner had no pictures of himself on his website, just a portfolio of nice outdoor sitting areas, pools, and vibrant gardens that I’d always dreamed of having.
Of course I hired him.
I expected to meet an average guy, but Mr. Marcel Ward is far from your average man. He’s handsome, and well-built, and his smile—though a rare trait—is truly infectious.
He’s every woman’s dream—a handsome, older man who doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to create something beautiful all because of his passion for it. Unfortunately, that lucky woman can’t be me.
Although Mr. Ward tests my limits, quickens my breath, and makes my heart skip a beat when he’s around, I’ve promised to devote myself to my husband.

So why am I falling for a man I know I can’t have?

Megan’s Review

“I don’t just want right now. I want you forever.”

I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover… but one look at The Man I Can’t Have by Shanora Williams and I was done for. Definite cover love with this one. The story inside this spectacular cover was just as amazing; it was angsty, it was addictive, it was forbidden and oh so sexy. This is my first story ever by Shanora Williams and wow, what a story to start with, I know she now has a fan for life. I became fully immersed into the story from the start and I literally could not put it down until the final word was read.

Gabrielle (Gabby) is a newly married woman who is definitely unsure of herself, lonely and missing a certain something in her life. She married Kyle a few months earlier and perhaps she never should have married him in the first instance. He proposed to her in the front of the Empire State Building on New Years Eve in front of many onlookers just waiting for her to say the magical “YES.” Your reason for marring someone should never be because you don’t want to embarrass them in front of people, but it should be because you want to spend the rest of your life with them and you can’t imagine living your life another day without them by your side. Kyle was happy though; he won his winning prize.

When Gabby hires Mr Marcel Ward to landscape her new home, she had no idea that perhaps everything she had been searching for her entire life, that spark that had been missing, would finally be discovered. Marcel, who has been through a lot in his life and shrouded by guilt and remorse, is still a positively spectacular man who is sweet, kind and very charming. His attraction towards Gabby is palpable, instantaneous and I just thrived on the angst and anticipation of these two finally giving into their powerful and intense longing for one another.

“But the more I’m around him, the more I realize that my life may not ever be the same again.
I’m starting to fall for this man – a man I know I can’t have.”

Gabby and Marcel were ablaze with passion, lust and so much deep-seated desire and yearning that I just could not get enough of. I adore books that are littered with an abundance of angst and anticipation, where I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat, unsure of what to expect next. Gabby and Marcel had such a profound and fierce attraction and the chemistry between the two was truly electrifying. The one thing I truly loved about their relationship was the slow burning nature and the comfort they found within each other as friends first before discovering there was so much more to divulge.

There was not one thing I did not enjoy about this read; the writing was impeccable, the characters were well thought out and intriguing, the slow burning nature of the relationship plus the build up was written to perfection and the intense and powerful chemistry kept me captivated through-out. I’m never one to condone cheating, but I don’t mind it in stories if it’s necessary to the plot and the development. I was rooting for Marcel all the way. I can’t wait to see what happens in part two of the duet and I wait with baited breath. All fans of forbidden love stories should absolutely one click this as I’m sure Marcel will own a piece of your heart too.