The Debt by Karina Halle (Nancy)

NANCY’s review

“Were just two broken people picking up each other’s pieces.”

I’ve only read two books by this author, including this one, but after reading this, there’s no doubt I’ll be checking out more of her stuff. I really loved the writing, the premise of the story, and the relationship between the couple.

“I want her by me, with me, not just because I owe her more than I can ever give, but because she makes me feel like I don’t owe her anything at all.”

Both Keir and Jessica have their own demons they’re dealing with. Jessica is struggling with survivors guilt after being shot, while Keir is a victim to PTSD and feeling indebted to Jessica, thinking he is the reason why her life changed entirely.

“I found her by accident.
But can it really be called an accident if you find what you’ve been looking for?”

I loved Keir. The way he was with Jessica, helping her get up whenever she was down, taking care of her, loving her. Believing in her whenever she didn’t believe in herself! And throw in the fact that he wasn’t afraid to tell her what he was thinking or what he wanted. This man was deliciously HOT and swoon-worthy. The chemistry was off the charts, people!

“I press my face in, my tongue snaking out and licking up to her clit. “You taste so good,” I murmur into her and she shudders from the vibrations. “Like a woman, my woman. Are you my woman? If you say yes, I can make this really good for you.”

I really admired Jessica. She was a strong woman and tried very hard to be independent, not wanting to admit she needs someone. Especially if that someone is Keir.

“I don’t need anyone but me.
But of course the truth is that my armor has chinks. My heart has cracks. And the steel is corroding at the edges.
I do need someone.
Maybe even him.
My stranger.”

I loved the relationship between these two. It didn’t feel rushed. I liked how they became friends first and then lovers. All of it ran smoothly for me. Of course there’s conflict but I like that it didn’t take long for it to get resolved.

“I love you. That’s always been true. I love every broken part of you and how well it fits with every broken part of me.”

The Debt was such an emotional read with two damaged souls finding solace together. These are usually my favorite kind of reads; the kind with lots of emotion, two broken people helping each other heal and inevitably falling in love.

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