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The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

The Bad Guy Book Cover The Bad Guy
Celia Aaron
Fiction, Dark Romance
May 21st 2017

My name is Sebastian Lindstrom, and I’m the villain of this story.

I’ve decided to lay myself bare. To tell the truth for once in my hollow life, no matter how dark it gets. And I can assure you, it will get so dark that you’ll find yourself feeling around the blackened corners of my mind, seeking a door handle that isn’t there.

Don’t mistake this for a confession. I neither seek forgiveness nor would I accept it. My sins are my own. They keep me company. Instead, this is the true tale of how I found her, how I stole her, and how I lost her.

She was a damsel, one who already had her white knight. But every fairy tale has a villain, someone waiting in the wings to rip it all down. A scoundrel who will set the world on fire if that means he gets what he wants. That’s me.

I’m the bad guy.

Author's Note: This is a dark romance with an HEA and no cheating.

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Wow! What a great compelling story that hooked me from the start. All I seem to be reading lately are sweet contemporary romances, not that there’s anything wrong with that, because contemporary romances are one of my favourite genre’s to read … BUT … I was looking for something dark and a bit messed up to get my motor running this time and boy did The Bad Guy deliver. I was so compelled to read this story about a villain named Sebastian and nothing could have stopped me, kind of like his obsession.

Camille Briarlane is a biology teacher and wannabe researcher. She loves her job and has a devoted boyfriend who adores her, but her life is perhaps lacking excitement and interest; it’s mundane for the better word. When she attends her boyfriend’s work function she comes into contact with the CEO of Lindstrom, Sebastian.

Something awakens within Camille after that first encounter, almost like a fire was beginning to ignite; she was completely enamoured. Sebastian makes Camille feel both warm and uncomfortable at the same time. His eyes never stray from hers and she becomes quite curious about the allusive CEO.

“I’d heard about love at first sight, though I couldn’t claim that emotion. The need to possess her was what fired through my veins, not the sentimental nonsense of hearts and flowers.”

Sebastian is the CEO of Lindstrom, a position he has inherited from his father. He’s dark, handsome and wealthy…..BUT…… he’s also a self-proclaimed psychopath. Once he meets Camille, he knows he wants to, no in fact needs to, possess her and nothing is going to stand in his way. She has fast become his obsession and like true psychopaths, his actions and plans to possess and consume her are in a very premeditated and orchestrated way.

The Bad Guy was told in dual POV which I believed added to the intensity and depth of this compelling story. It truly gave an insight into the characters state of mind, what they were thinking and feeling. It was such a thrilling ride that sucked me right in from the beginning.

This was exactly the kind of story I was looking to sink my teeth into. It was well written with great character development. If you are looking for something a bit dark, a bit messed up, but oh so addictive, then I most definitely recommend you check out this unique story of obsession, intimidation, control and passion. I know for a fact I will never look at the phrase ‘love at first sight’ the same way again.

About the Author:

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.

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