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The Bachelor Contract (The Bachelors of Arizona #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

The Bachelor Contract Book Cover The Bachelor Contract
The Bachelors of Arizona #3
Rachel Van Dyken
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
November 28th 2017

A second-chance romance from the #1 NYT bestseller of The Bet, Matchmaker and Elite series!

She's everywhere.


Love of his life.

The last person in the world he wanted to see...ever.

And now that he's working beside her every day, he can't escape her. Her scent, glimpses of her smile, even the tension in the air that makes his body hum with the kind of need he'd only experienced with one person-all of it is driving him over the edge.

Brant Wellington was certain of three things: 

Alcohol wasn't going to solve this. 

He really was losing his F-ing mind. 

And his gorgeous ex-wife was going to be the death of him.

Jenny’s Review

4.5 Second Chance Stars

I’ve always enjoyed RVD books. Her writing always capturing my attention. She didn’t let me down in this book, however my heart broke reading this installment. My heart hurt for Brant & Nikki both. Four years ago their lives were completely shattered. They suffered the greatest loss and their relationship completely broke.

Now four years later Brant comes face to face with his x-wife for the first time, a xwife he’s never gotten over. He has numbed himself with drugs and women to try and forget what he lost. That doesn’t work, at all. Under the drugs and nasty line of women, Brant is an incredible, handsome, and loving person. When his world shattered and he lost EVERYTHING, he gave up, he needed to just simply forget. What would he do if he knew not everything he thought was true, wasn’t really true after all.

Nikki suffered tremendously during this book. Life completely throws her one thing after another, basically all at once, in a matter of days she loses everything that matters in her life. She lost her soulmate and never gives herself to anyone else afterwards, knowing that she still loves the man that destroyed her heart. If given the chance to redo a tragedy, would you rewrite it?

This story…. The love between these two characters is so strong. Even though they lost one another, their love for each other never stopped. This book is about second chances, grabbing on, giving yourself that one last chance to feel that heartstopping feeling. This story is about forgiving and moving on, life gives you a second chance, you grab it and run. If you love a good second chance true love story, this is one for you. A stand alone read ❤️

About the Author:

A master of lighthearted love stories, Rachel Van Dyken is the author is several novels that have appeared on nation bestseller lists, including the New York Time, the Wall Street Journal, and the USA Today. A devoted lover of Starbucks, Swedish Fish, and the Bachelor, Rachel lives in Idaho with her husband, son, and two boxers.

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