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Taking What’s Ours (Forced Submission #2) by Alexa Riley

Taking What's Ours Book Cover Taking What's Ours
Forced Submission Series #2
Alexa Riley
Fiction, Erotic Romance
July 9th 2015

You can't tease two alpha men like Hudson and Ridge and not expect consequences, not when you've become their every obsession.

They have a target... but their one obstacle has long legs, thick curves, and a mouth made for sin.

They do everything together, and Charlotte is no exception. She tempted them... and now they've come to collect. Together.

Can they take what they want and still stick to the plan? Five feet, seven inches of lush addiction says no.

Warning: This book contains situations involving forced submission, dubious consent, and every other scenario surrounding that genre. The heroes are obsessed beyond control. Nothing can stop them from having the only woman they'll ever want. These themes are triggers for some but sweet candy for others. If you're willing to hold off judgement until the last page the ending is worth it, I promise.

Val’s Review

4 Smut Scale Stars.

Alexa Riley is one of my guilty pleasures, as I know she is for a lot of my friends.

Quick and hot with uber OTT alpha males, her books always hit the spot.

And this book even had a kind of twist – that while I suspected it – made me feel like a dirty moral-less whore for loving it even IF that twist I suspected didn’t come to fruition.

But what I can say.


And I am A-Okay with that.


And they say money can’t buy happiness.


But I say, fuck yes you can.

Proof #1: Books like this.

Proof #2:


See, you can even buy six bottles of happiness AND have said happiness shipped to you for FREE.