Taking What’s Naughty (Forced Submission #6) by Alexa Riley

Taking What's Naughty Book Cover Taking What's Naughty
Forced Submission Series #6
Alexa Riley
Fiction, Erotic Romance
December 3rd 2015

Damon, Remy, and Kellan have had their eyes on Leila from the day she started working at their law firm.

Leila's been playing hard to get, and they're not having it. It's the night of the company Christmas party, and they've decided to take matters into their own hands.

Obsession has taken over, and forcing Leila to accept the three of them is the only way to get what they desire.

WARNING: This book contains forced submission and dubious consent. These themes aren't for everyone, so proceed with caution. If you like your smut at the edge of safe, this filthy story has your name on it!