4 stars

Taking the Fall: Vol 3 (Taking the Fall #3) by Alexa Riley

Taking the Fall: Vol 3 Book Cover Taking the Fall: Vol 3
Taking the Fall Series #3
Alexa Riley
Fiction, Erotic Romance
May 4th 2015

Carter has spent years protecting her from this man, but now Layla has fallen right into his hands. With his world crashing down around him, Carter won't stop until he gets the vengeance he deserves. But will he succeed in saving the only person he has ever loved?

Warning: Vol. 3 contains triple the steam, triple the love, and triple the cheese. Not responsible for Kindles covered in Velveeta.

Val’s Note

Think of these as some light 4 “smut heavy/story not so much” stars.”

If you are expecting a deep storyline with super fleshed out everything you might be disappointed. But as long as you know what you getting – and are in the mood for it (like I very much was) – you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Short, sexy, and chock full of ridiculous alpha-ness, I enjoyed the series as a whole and would say it’s my favorite my Riley to date.

Although with the amount of sexual fluids flying all over the place throughout, I was imaging some crime scene style body fluid spatter straight out of a CSI style blunt force trauma episode, but whatevs. Just sayin…