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Taboo Unchained by C.M. Stunich

Taboo Unchained Book Cover Taboo Unchained
C.M. Stunich
Fiction, Dark Romance
October 6th 2014

TABOO UNCHAINED - a 100,000 word stand-alone dark romance erotica - from International Bestselling Author C.M. Stunich - Recommended for Ages 18+

The taboo turns me on.

The dirty. The filthy. The nasty.

The man your mother f*cking warned you about – is me.

Hold onto your panties, ladies.

Lucas Carter is here to show you the dark side of the sheets.

***WARNING: This is a dark romance erotica – meaning lots of violence, sex, and emotionally disturbing inner dialogue. The main character does not, however, kidnap or force himself on women. The entire book is told in his point of view. This story does contain murder, tough choices, and strange sex.

***This book is entirely fictional, and the sexual techniques described within can be extremely dangerous. Read Lucas' story to spice up your sex life, have a little fun, and watch a man consumed by darkness grow into a different person. Please don't take any of the acts described within as instructional and always remember, safety first.

ARIANNA’s Review


“I wanna hide the truth
I wanna shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide”

(Imagine Dragons – Demons )


“If you exercise the darkness, you can put it to rest, you can pretend you understand what it’s like to walk in the light.”

WOW! This book blew my mind! This for sure was dark! It was gritty, it was disturbing, unique and like nothing I’ve read before! This author was new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect. From the plot to the writing I was amazed! It was THAT good!


Lucas Carter has one of the strangest, unusual and taboo jobs ever. He satisfies women who have darker desires, who crave more than simple vanilla sex, who have fetishes, who want and need what’s called taboo. Lucas is a damaged man, he has a dark soul, he has demons that must be sated and fed. He helps these women, but they help him too – they help control these demons and also control the pain inside him.


Lucas is an arrogant bastard, he doesn’t care about his clients, he doesn’t care about anybody or anything. He wants someone like him, someone who suffers as much as he does.

“I taste the blackness and I fuck out the light. I will teach you to turn the filthy, the nasty, the most putrid parts of your soul into sheer bliss, into an addiction you can’t shake instead of a miserable, stilted, blighted existence.”

Lucas meets two women who will change him, who will make him feel and who will make him choose a new path.


When he meets Audra, a beautiful redhead, he’s intrigued. She’s an enigma and she’s like no other woman he has met before. From the beginning their relationship is strong and intense. The other woman, Robbie, is his neighbor and, like Audra, she’s different. One represents his nightmares and one represents his dreams.

“I’m not a damaged man who needs to be fixed; I’m a monster that can’t be changed.”

This story is definitely not for the faint of heart. The premise of this book is really unique, different than any dark story I’ve read so far. With every chapter, like me, you will be intrigued and you will want to know what’s going on, what happened with Lucas and why he is like this.

The story has some interesting turns and it’s not predictable at all!


The two main characters, Lucas and Audra are fascinating and well developed, but Robbie’s character was not developed enough for me. Robbie is just a nice character, a little dull for my liking.

Lucas’s character is great. He’s a man who lost himself in the world, who became practically a psychopath, but a man who, in the end, will find the light again. I loved Audra, even more than Lucas. I think she’s the most captivating and well developed character in this story.

In the end Lucas will end up with one woman. At some point it was obvious to me which woman, so I wasn’t surprised. I understood why the author chose this woman and I also understood the whole message, even if I don’t entirely agree with it.

All in all, “Taboo Unchained” is a fantastic read, which might leave you wanting more and but should certainly satisfy your need for something dark.

“We all have pasts that slither around in our nightmares, desperate to haunt us.”