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Switched by N.R. Walker

Switched Book Cover Switched
N.R. Walker
Fiction, M/M Romance
December 25th 2016

Israel Ingham’s life has never been easy. He grew up in a house devoid of love and warmth. Nothing he ever did was good enough. The fact Israel is gay just added to the long list of his father’s disappointments.

Then a letter from Eastport Children’s Hospital changes everything.

A discovery is made, one of gross human error. Twenty-six years ago two baby boys were switched at birth and sent home with the wrong families.

Sam, Israel’s best friend, has been his only source of love and support. With Sam beside him every step of the way, Israel decides to meet his birth mother and her son, the man who lived the life Israel should have.

Israel and Sam become closer than ever, amidst the tumultuous emotions of meeting his birth family, and Sam finds himself questioning his feelings toward his best friend. As Israel embraces new possibilities, he needs to dissect his painful relationship with his parents in order to salvage what’s left.

Because sometimes it takes proof you’re not actually family to become one.

ARIANNA’s review

N.R. Walker delivers a heartwarming read that totally warmed my heart. I’m a big fan of this author, so trust me when I say that ‘Switched’ was N.R. Walker at her best. If you are a fan of comfort/healing and/or friends to lovers stories, then you will enjoy this one. ‘Switched’ was emotional, gripping, with a cast of main and supportive characters you will like from the very beginning.

Israel is a twenty-six years old man who’s working for his father’s company as a junior executive manager. He had been groomed for his role in his father’s business, to fallow his footsteps, whether he wanted to or not. He had always been a constant string of disappointments to his parents in his youth, so as the only child, he accepted his obligation and duty and did his job. He’s good as what he does for a living, has some great friends, but sadly his relationship with his parents is not a good one or what Israel considers to be a “normal” parent-child relationship, especially since he has always been rejected by them in one way or another.

Israel’s life is turned out upside down, when he finds out he was switched at birth. From the moment he finds out about this error, Israel doesn’t know who he is anymore, what to feel and what to do about,…well, everything. Sam, Israel’s best friend, has been his friend since they were thirteen years old. He had been his only source of love and support, he had always been his lifeline, the one who saved him every time he needed saving. He had always relied on him in one way or another, every time he needed care or support. Now, that his life changed completely, Israel needs Sam more than anything, more than ever and Sam is more than willing to help his friend in every way he can. When Israel decides to meet his birth mother, his friendship with Sam becomes stronger than ever, Israel’s feelings towards Sam starting to change slowly into something more.

‘Switched’ was well written and liked I previously mentioned, quite emotional. This book made me feel so much – I sympathize with Israel, I wanted to give Sam a big hug for his love and support towards his best friend and I was rooting for these two from the very beginning. I liked how the two main characters were introduced, their portrayal and I liked them as individuals. Israel was such a great character to read about. My heart broke for him. Not only because in his 26 years he didn’t feel his parents’ love, but also because his life was turned upside down in such unexpected way. He was sweet, a little too dependent to Sam, but overall a nice, caring, good guy. As the story progressed, I felt his anger, his loneliness and how scared he was. At times, I wanted to give him a hug so badly…poor Israel. Sam was everything Israel needed and such a wonderful man. Even if the story is written just from Israel’s POV, I felt like I knew Sam. I loved his consideration and thoughtfulness, how protective he was at times, his need to make his best friend feel accepted and loved.

These two were so great together – as friends, but most of all as a couple. I loved them together. Their sweet times made me smile so much and their sexy times warmed my heart, because I felt how much they care for each other, but also their love for each other. The trust and respect between them were simply lovely and so great to read about. The slow burn relationship between them really worked for me and their chemistry OMG…N.R. Walker did such a great job with this aspect. These two were hot as hell together. Love all their sexy scenes.

The cast of supporting characters were wonderfully written and the epilogue was pure sweetness. Loved it! As for the family dynamics as the story progressed, I have to say that the author did a fantastic job, handling everything with so much care.

If you’re looking for a sweet and sexy healing/comfort read, low in angst and drama, with two wonderful main characters, then you don’t want to miss this one.