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Sweetest Sorrow (Forbidden #2) J.M. Darhower

Sweetest Sorrow Book Cover Sweetest Sorrow
Forbidden Series #2
J.M. Darhower
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
J.M. Darhower
August 29th 2016

Dante Galante has evaded death a few times in his life, but held captive in a sweltering basement, he's certain that death has finally caught up to him. Bloody and barely breathing, he tries to stay strong, but there's only so much a man can endure before darkness takes over.

As a critical care nurse, Gabriella Russo witnesses suffering often. Thick-skinned, forever cautious, she doesn't take her work home with her... until Dante Galante lands himself in her hospital. Recklessly grieving the sister he believes he'll never see again, Dante needs a friend. Just a friend. That's all it's supposed to be.

But life has other plans for them, just as it had for Matteo Barsanti and Genevieve Galante. Away from the chaos, building a life of their own, there's only one thing that could ever bring them back to New York: Dante.

Rules get broken and boundaries are crossed as the fight between rival families continues on, drawing them all deeper into a war they want far away from... for good reason.

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Forbidden #2
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ARIANNA’s review

‘Sweetest Sorrow’ is J.M. Darhower’s second installment in her ‘Forbidden’ series and like its predecessor, kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. There’s no secret I love this author. I’ve read and enjoyed everything she’s written so far, every single one of her books being so intriguing and compelling. ‘Sweetest Sorrow’ definitely met all my expectations, even if, I expected the story to be more about the two main characters from the first installment in the series, Genna and Matty B.

“You are who you choose to be.”

This second installment picks up from the exact moment where Genna and Matty are on the run and presumed dead. These two left their families and everything behind, to be together, to be happy and now, more than anything to stay alive. Now, that they found a secluded place, Genna and Matty only want to find peace.

“Some people were fueled by hope.

                Others, like him, long ago realized there was no hope for the future. There was only the present until your luck ran out.”

Meanwhile, in NY, Dante Galante, Genna’s brother, is presumed dead…until someone finds him badly battered and barely breathing. Now he’s fighting for his life in a hospital. The Barsanti’s tortured him, Dante being so physically and emotionally drained. Gabriella is a critical care nurse who volunteers to take care of Dante when no one, since they know who Dante is, wants to. She’s a great nurse and genuinely a good girl and Dante figures it out as soon as he wakes-up. They become some sort of friends, but their friendship slowly changes into something more, something more than changes Dante and makes him want more for himself.

“His teeth nipped at her lips, his tongue mingling with hers, as he kissed her like she was the air in his lungs, the blood in his veins. He kissed her like he meant it. He kissed her like she’d never been kissed before.”

This second installment, like the previous one, was enthralling and addictive, filled with action, suspense and of course steam. I loved the mafia aspect, which was so fascinating and entertaining. The two families – Galante and Barsanti’s bosses were crazy as sh*t and they definitely kept me at the edge of my seat with some crazy action, interesting revelations and some intriguing tension. The plot was well developed and the two story-lines were pretty gripping and well done.

As always, J.M Darhower’s characters were entertaining and endearing. Both Dante and Gabriella were well portrayed and I liked them individually and together. To be honest, I was intrigued by Dante from the moment I met him in the previous installment. He was a character I sympathize with from the start. He was hardheaded and so stubborn at times, but caring and protective toward his sister and later as the story unfolded towards Gabriella as well.

“…other guys might break your heart once or twice, but mobsters? They’ll break your heart every single night.”

Gabriella was a great heroine. Her kindness and compassion made me like her from the start. I loved how independent she was and how she stood up for herself. With Dante, she was sweet, caring and protective as the story progressed, complementing him in a great way. I also loved that she accepted who Dante is, that she accepted him exactly like he is and of course the way she softened Dante. These two’s slow burn relationship was fantastically written, their interactions being so entertaining at times.

As always, the author’s secondary characters are fantastic to read about, my favorite one being Gavin, which I wouldn’t mind to have his own story.

Overall, this was a fantastic conclusion to this duet! Can’t wait to read more from this author!

“Being with you is the only part of my reality that makes any sense.”  She smiled.  “That’s funny, because you’re the part of mine that makes everything a mess.”