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Sweet Jayne by K. Webster

Sweet Jayne Book Cover Sweet Jayne
K. Webster
Fiction, Dark Romance
May 31st 2016

Nadia Jayne’s world is full of villains.

Kasper thinks he hates her.
Donovan thinks he loves her.
Logan thinks he owns her.

Sweet Jayne is a complicated girl…

She needs Kasper.
She hides from Donovan.
She has a plan for Logan.

But maybe complicated Jayne isn’t so sweet after all…
In fact, she might just be the biggest villain of them all.

WARNING: Story contains dark taboo themes and violence both sexual and physical which could trigger emotional distress in reader.

ARIANNA’s review


Holy sh*t! This one totally blew me away! K. Webster delivered a fantastically written tale that for sure will keep you at the edge of your seat! Dark, sick, disturbing, graphic, this story will f@ck with your head and will make you cringe so many times. Needless to say, this book is not for everyone. Don’t expect hearts and flowers or a typical, conventional romantic relationship reading this one. Nothing about these characters’ story is conventional and every single one of them is f@cked-up in some way or another.

“She’s a heavy drug I want to shove into my vein. Even though I’ll hate myself later for succumbing to using. To feel the intoxicating bliss as it infiltrates every nerve ending in my entire system. It’s darkness feeding darkness—and she’s oh-so fucking dark.”

Nadia is a young girl whose entirely life changes when she moves with her mom and her stepfather, Donovan Jayne, a wealthy, handsome billionaire from Argentina to U.S. She tries to adjust with her new life and with her new stepfather who seems inappropriate at times. On her first day at school she meets Kasey, who’s abducted right before her eyes. Nadia is left unconscious and when she wakes up she doesn’t seem to remember anything about Kasey’s kidnapper. She feels guilty because she can’t remember anything useful for the police to find her, over the years trying as best as she can to find out more about the kidnapper.

“My eyes lock with the monstrous ones I’d been so good at containing. His beast is running wild and free. And it’s starving. Starving for me. “You’re in so much fucking trouble, bad girl.”

Years later, Kasey still hasn’t been found. Nadia is back in town and she seems to be engaged with the Chief of police, Logan. The relationship between them doesn’t seem “very conventional” and Kasper Grant, a police officer who works for Logan and who also happens to be Kasey’s brother figures that out pretty quickly. Kasper hates Nadia, he believes she is responsible for what happened with his sister, so he wants to make her pay in some way. The only problem is that he’s attracted to her. Time passes and Kasper slowly figures out that nothing is what it seems and that everyone has secrets.

“We all played parts that we’re ashamed of.”

‘Sweet Jayne’ was dark, suspenseful and very disturbingly graphic at times. From the prologue I was so engrossed in this story, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the fantastically way Mrs. Webster told this story. The story is twisted from start to finish and so very unpredictable. Needless to say I was left with my mouth hanging open numerous times. I loved every twist and turn and I found this story to be from the beginning very addictive. From the first chapter I was intrigued not only by the mystery, but also by these characters’ story and by the dynamics between them.

The plot was simply awesome, well-developed, complex and kept me intrigued with each and every chapter. The mystery, the suspense, everything really was done really well and all the twists were thrilling as hell and made my heart race like crazy. Needless to say I enjoyed the hell out of this read. Keep in mind the story is very graphic and disturbing at times. There were some scenes that really made me cringe and many readers for sure will be disgusted by everything that happens as the story unfolds. Mrs. Webster created some very fascinating characters. Each on them were interesting, flawed, messed-up and being in their heads was exhilarating to say the least.

Overall, this was another enthralling tale by Mrs. Webster that will keep you at the edge of your seat with its craziness. Dayum…I love this author’s dark and twisted mind!