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Sunshine and Rain (City Limits, #2) by M. Mabie

Sunshine and Rain Book Cover Sunshine and Rain
City Limits, #2
M. Mabie
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
M. Mabie
October 28th 2016

Welcome to Wynne, population 3402.

No rockstars. No major politicians. No media moguls.

Things don’t change quickly in a small town, except when they do. It’s been pouring rain all summer long, and the disc jockey and local farmer are all of the sudden attached at the hip. It’s not only the rising river getting deeper and deeper.

This is your basic water tower painting, tractor driving, tailgate cooler packing kind a guy chases the single, blonde, radio vixen with mosquito bite rage from his youth type of romance. Or is it the other way around?

Low on drama. High on Love.

Grab an umbrella because it’s a long wet summer.

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ARIANNA’s review


If you love small town romance novels you don’t want to miss this one. Once again, this author made me fell in love with the small town and these fantastic characters from the very beginning. “Sunshine and Rain” was another wonderful read by M. Mabie and a great addition to this series. Like the previous installment in the series, this second installment was sweet, fun, swoony and low in angst and drama and overall a pretty gipping feel good story.

“I wanted to feel that rush of excitement when I met The One. The One who’d make me forget there were only 3,400 people in my life because I was the most important one—to him. I wanted my love life to be something extraordinary.”

Sunny is a twenty-eight years old woman who had lived in the small town of Wynne all her life. Like all her friends who are paired off or married, she wants to find someone who loves her and settle down, but in a small town is not that easy to find someone decent.

“As a kid, I thought she was pretty—and she was. But as a man, seeing the woman she’d become, I realized I’d been wrong all along. She was gorgeous.”

Rhett used to be in love with Sunny…when he was 13 years old. He used to fallow her like a puppy, send her flowers, writing her love notes and declaring his love in all kind of ways. The only problem was that Sunny was older than him…five years older. Everything changed for Rhett back then when Sunny went off to college. Ten years later, Rhett return home to Wynne only to find out Sunny is as gorgeous and funny as ever and most of all, single. All he wants now is to show Sunny that he’s not a boy anymore, that he’s a man, a man who has no desire to be turned down anymore by anyone.

“There was something different, something new behind it, though. It wasn’t only kindness, the kind she’d always shown me. Not anymore. There was chemistry. Curiosity. Attraction. And it was coming from her.”

Sunny can’t believe that handsome, young man who seems so indifferent to her is Rhett, the boy who used to fallow her everywhere. The “new” Rhett is gorgeous with a body to die for and all she wants to do is to lick him from head to toe.

“He wasn’t just the kind of guy I wanted in my future, he was becoming the exact one. The only one I could see there.”

After reading and enjoying the first installment in the series, my expectations for this one were really high. I’m happy to say “Sunshine and Rain” was simply awesome, well written and like any other good small town romance it gave me all the feels. I really enjoyed the storyline and how everything between these two characters progressed. Their slow burn relationship was well done, the two main characters’ background well developed, the romance aspect making me smile and swoon many times as the story unfolded.

I liked the two main characters together, but also individually. Sunny was a fun, relatable heroine I really enjoyed…for the most part. Her constant reminders of how she’s five years older than Rhett got on my nerves one time or two, but overall I found her character to be pretty endearing and well portrayed. Rhett stole the show for me here. He was a wonderful hero I simply loved. If you like sweet, thoughtful, caring heroes, then you will totally love Rhett. He was really amazing with Sunny and the way he treated her and cherished her were really heartwarming.

“I couldn’t do better than Sunny Wilbanks. There was no better. She was it.”

Overall, this was a fantastic read that made me smile and swoon until the end with a lovely romance, two engaging main characters and just a little bit of angst and drama.