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Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente

Spectacular Rascal Book Cover Spectacular Rascal
Lili Valente
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
July 26th 2016

When you’ve been screwed over by Mr. Wrong, let a Spectacular Rascal show you how good it feels to be bad.

You know the smooth, successful New York businessman type? Well, I'm the other guy—the one you don’t bring home to mama. The tattooed, rough-around-the-edges, 100% primal badass.

As the resident bad boy of Magnificent Bastard Consulting, I’ve got what it takes to make sure your dangerous dick of an ex thinks twice before he knocks on your door again.

Or I thought I did, until I meet my latest client…

Now my wild, sexy, one-that-got-away is looking up at me with her big green eyes, daring me to take on an ex as dick-ish and dangerous as hers. But all I want to do is take her—again and again.

Soon Cat and I are setting sex marathon records and medaling in the orgasm Olympics, all while staying one step ahead of her former Mr. Wrong. Everything is golden, except for the fact that I’m falling hard for this woman and all she wants is more of Curved for her Pleasure (trust me, the nickname fits).

Now I have to prove to Cat that I’m nothing like the dangerous man she’s left behind, and do it all before our time runs out. Considering her ex is with the mob, if we’re not careful, that could be sooner than either one of us thinks…

Warning: SPECTACULAR RASCAL is a sexy, standalone romantic comedy told from the hero’s point of view. No cliffhanger. Lots of dirty talk.

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Maria’s Review

➦If you have read Magnificent Bastard then you should know that this is a spin off but can be read as a standalone.➦The hero of this novel is a part of a Magnificent Bastard Consulting duo. They help the ladies. They are nice like that. Be it making someone jealous or telling and ex to piss off – they are your guys for the job.

➦Aidan here is a funny guy. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever get the image of him running naked through the park out of my head. It’s burned in my mind. But Aidan is also super nice.

➦He disrobes and makes a run for it to distract a cop from his friends making sexy times in public. The visual is funny indeed. Albeit a bit ott. But I don’t mind ott humor so if you don’t either then you will probably enjoy this romcom just fine.

➦Ok, long story short, Aidan meets a client and boy is he surprised to find out that it’s his friend from a long time ago. A girl. Well, a woman. They used to be pretty close. But then shit happened. You can read the book to find out! It’s interesting how I’m enticing you to read the book when in reality I can’t remember what the heck actually happened. #memoryfail

➦So Aidan and Cat team up to rid her of her douchebag of an ex, who’s also part of the mob and doesn’t understand the meaning of a word no.

➦I recommend this book to those who enjoy romantic comedies with some steamy scenes, male only POVs and friends to lovers tropes.