Sincerely, Carter (Sincerely Carter #1) by Whitney G. (Val)

Val’s Review

Craving Waffles and Ish Now Stars

I am officially the LAST person to read this, apparently.

But whatevs.

Here’s some mindless gibberish my review:

I have a lot going on IRL lately and have been in somewhat of a serious book funk for the last week or so on top of that.

Right boys?




So the other day I was perusing kindle unlimited because:

1) I had been getting some awesomely decent reads through there prior to this book fuck, e.g., [book:Sacked|25904855] and [book:Liability|23471550].

2) If I am going to read something shitty, it should at least be “free.”

3) Cause you know what they say…”Kindle Unlimited gonna give it to ya.”

What that’s not how it goes…




As I was perusing I saw Sincerely, Carter and thought:


And I asked myself, “Self, didn’t we see this blasted the fuck (I cuss at myself, yes) all over our newsfeed earlier this year?”

Yes, Self, we did.

And, “Self don’t we know better than to start sentences with ‘and’ and wasn’t this book rated pretty decently?”

First of all, Self, don’t be a grammar snob.


AND yes, yes it’s rated highly.

AND it’s free.

AND you shouldn’t judge, being that you are fucking talking to yourself, Self.


Anypsychologicalbreak, thus was the decision made.

And boy was this just what I needed.


I LOVE childhood-friends-to-lovers stories, and this was that to the Nth degree.

Not only were Carter and Arizona friends, they were inseparable BFF BEST friends.

Like the B-eff-effest you ever saw.

But then they realized that they wanted to shag each other.


And I realized I was having a super duper time.


And we all lived happily ever after.


Well…that’s kind of how it went…


I am way late to this party and I am sure there are some awesome reviews for this out there.

Reviews WAY better than this one.

I bet that bitch Self is going to go and check them out.
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