3 starsPNR Romance

Seducing Stag (Cyborg Seduction #10) by Laurann Dohner

Seducing Stag Book Cover Seducing Stag
Cyborg Seduction #10
Laurann Dohner
Fiction, Paranormal Romance
September 20th 2016

Stag and the crew of the Varnish are on a mission, responding to a distress signal of a freighter that has been attacked by the Markus Models. Instead of finding the enemy, they discover one sole survivor. Nala’s a human, and having suffered at their hands during his time on Earth, there’s no species Stag despises more. But when the petite woman confuses him for an android and tries to order him around, Stag decides she’ll live—and pay for her slights.

Nala Vestria has lost her freighter, her crew and her father, only to become personal maid to a cyborg. Stag is surly, short-tempered, and completely untrusting of humans … not to mention intense, commanding, and maybe the hottest being Nala has ever seen. When she finds him temporarily at her mercy, Nala isn’t sure if she wants to kill him or kiss him. Then again, life is short. She opts for the latter.

Nala swiftly becomes a distraction Stag can’t afford, especially after he’s had a carnal taste of what the woman has to offer. He’ll take her back to Garden, his home planet, and be rid of her — as well as the emotions she evokes. But as their journey home becomes harrowing, Nala may prove to be more of an asset than a liability. To both the ship … and the lonely cyborg who commands her.

Val’s Review

3 Meh Stars

This was a decent addition to the series, but I didn’t love it.


There were a lot of scenes which focused on Stag captaining the ship and the ins and outs of intergalactic space battles.

Like a LOT of scenes.


Which would have been fine.

If there was an equal or greater amount of romance….

But there wasn’t.


And I was sad.

What was there was seemed a little…rushed, especially at the end.

Stag’s “Oh my God, I have feelings for the “Earther” moment felt a little contrived and out of the blue.

Like I said above, it was a decent addition to the series, I just felt like it focused a bit too much on the intricacies of space battle and a bit too little on the story line and romance.


But oh well. Moving on…