Contemporary Romance

Secret Nights by A.M. Hargrove

Secret Nights Book Cover Secret Nights
A.M. Hargrove
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
January 24th 2019

They both had secrets dirty enough to tear them apart …

What started out with a mysterious stranger saving me from a horrific fate,
turned into a beautiful affair with a man covered in scars he wouldn’t acknowledge.
Reese’s perfection was marred by hidden shadows behind his gorgeous blue eyes.
I was desperate to learn what had caused him so much pain.
How could I intrude on his secrets when I had plenty of my own?
Only my story was so ugly, it was buried deep, and I had no desire to reveal it.
Discarded like trash by my father and left with my druggie mom, I was forced into things no one should have to bear.
But I learned to survive.
In Reese, I found ways to overcome the pain in the warmth of his bed.
Every night, my body and soul screamed for more.
I’d return and share things I’d never shared with any other man.
I feared if he ever discovered the real me, I’d be out of his life faster than a speeding bullet.
Shame forced me into silence, knowing this fairy tale wouldn't last.
But I was in too deep to let go.
When that tragic day came and he discovered my truths, he also learned something else … that I was a survivor and I’d fight for what I wanted.

This is a gritty new adult, full-length, stand alone romance from USA Today bestselling author A.M. Hargrove.

Please note: This book was previously published as Dirty Nights, The Novel. The title and cover have been changed and the novel itself has undergone updating and editing.