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Save Me (Magnolia Series #1) by Alexandra Page

Save Me Book Cover Save Me
Magnolia Series #1
Alexandra Page
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
August 22nd 2017

Can a weeping willow grow into a steel magnolia? Ellie Cochran doesn’t think so. She is a lost soul if there ever was one. A life filled with unimaginable loss does that to a person. Tired of fighting for one that doesn’t seem worth living any more, she knows it’s time to make a decision.

A stop for coffee is the last place she expects for that choice to be forced on her. But when the bullets start flying will she choose death–finally crossing over the threshold she’s been hovering at for two seemingly endless years, or will she choose the hope she sees in a tall, beautiful stranger’s eyes? 

Nikolas Jensen didn’t know grabbing a coffee before work would turn his world upside down. He didn’t plan on making any life-altering decisions when he walked through those doors either. But that’s exactly what he has to do. When death is staring you down from the barrel of a gun, do you save yourself, or a woman you just met? 

Their paths now stitched together by one traumatic morning, Nik and Ellie must pick up the broken pieces. Can they do it together or will Ellie's demons be too much for them both?

Maria’s Review

➦This contemporary romance is a first book in Magnolia Series and also Alexandra Page’s debut. After reading the blurb I knew that this was going to be an emotional second chance love story. It follows two characters who help each other heal. There’s grief and heartbreak but there’s also hope.

➦While I thought this book had interesting characters with compelling backstories, I have to be honest and say that it’s the delivery that I’ve struggled with here. The writing style flows well and I can definitely tell that Alexandra Page has a way with words, but, somehow, this novel wasn’t successful at grabbing my attention all the way… 

➦There were some events that I felt should not have been revealed as early in the story as they were. I wished for more anticipation. I felt like I was told too much information and was watching from the sidelines for things to unfold instead of being immersed in the book. More flashbacks to the past would have been awesome. I wanted to be “shown” not “told” in a lot of cases.

➦I don’t discourage anyone from reading this book and you should definitely try it out for yourself if you enjoy emotional reads with tortured heroines an sweet heroes. One thing to keep in mind is that this book does end in somewhat of a cliffhanger and there will be another book to follow.

P.S. Forgot to mention that it’s rather slow burn

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