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Royally Endowed (Royally #3) by Emma Chase

Royally Endowed Book Cover Royally Endowed
Royally Series #3
Emma Chase
Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
August 14th 2017

A boy from the wrong side of the tracks...
But these days he covers his tattoos with a respectable suit. He’s charismatic, good looking, smart and trustworthy—any girl would be proud to bring him home to her family.
But there’s only one girl he wants.
She’s an angel on earth, his living, breathing fantasy. For years he’s known her, sometimes laughed with her, once shared a pint with her...he would lay down his life for her.
But she doesn’t see him—not really.
A girl endowed with royal relations . . .
She dreams of princes and palaces, but in her quest for happily ever after, harsh truths are learned: castles are drafty, ball gowns are a nuisance, and nobility doesn’t equal noble intentions.
In the end, she sees her true heart’s love may just be the handsome, loyal boy who’s been beside her all along.

Maria’s Review

➦So it goes something like this:

➦Ok, seriously, le swoon!

➦This slow burn romance spans many years and yet I found the book to be on the short side, I didn’t want it to end. Perhaps I was flipping the pages too fast?

➦The build up was so delicious and I couldn’t wait for this hot and protective bodyguard to make his move on the one he’s been guarding for ages. Who, you may ask? She is the sister of the princess of Wesco. So, you get it?

➦Until… some fuckedupedness that made me sob uncontrollably happens and then

➦I’m in love with this series and this was a great addition to it even though it wasn’t about a hot prince. Reading about this gorgeous, sweet and protective bodyguard male specimen was just as equally satisfying. My only complaint will be that his character wasn’t developed to the depth of my liking. I felt like we got a glimpse of his upbringing but not enough. I wanted more Logan ,can you blame me?

➦A definite recommend from me if you enjoy slow burn forbidden (ish) romances that are sure to make you swoon and smile. 

Megan’s Review

“Everybody knows the bodyguard rules: Never lose focus, never let them out of your sight, and never, ever fall in love.”

Wow! This story really hooked me from the start. I am sure without a doubt that fans of Emma Chase’s Royally series will just devour this third installment and love it just as much, if not more than the others in the series. I loved the writing (as I knew I would), the character development and the dynamics. The story kept me completely captivated from start to finish. I just read this story with a big ol’ smile on my face. I love stories that have that effect on me and just make me so happy.

Ok… so if there is one person I would trust to protect me knowing my life is safe in their hands, it would for sure be Logan; he is strong, smart, thoughtful, and incredibly sexy. With his beautiful Wessco accent, he is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts.

“I don’t give a fuck what’s rude; you need to listen to me. Do what I say from this point on, understand?”

“It’s on the tip of my tongue to ask what he’ll do if I don’t. Spank me? Tie me up? Handcuff me to his side? If those are the consequences for disobeying Special Agent Sexy-Face, I’m about to become a very naughty girl.”

Logan is a bodyguard for the Royal Family of Wessco and is assigned by the prince himself, to protect princess Olivia’s younger sister Ellie. Logan takes his job very seriously and gives it everything he’s got. Nobody’s going to mess with Ellie while Logan’s around. Not on his watch.

“I’m this tough, handsome guy’s priority. He’ll care about me, protect me… like it’s his motherfucking job.”

From the moment Ellie sees Logan, she is completely smitten with him and develops a mad school girl crush on the buff, sweet and intense bodyguard sent to protect her. Poor Ellie hasn’t had the easiest of times the last few years and certain events leave her guilt ridden. She is extremely hard working; not only does she have to wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare the pies for her families business, but she is also studying hard to finish high school at the top of her class. I loved Ellie instantly; she’s determined, strong, quirky, fun and energetic. Her love of music was just the icing on the cake for me.

This love story between Logan and Ellie unfolds over a number of years and it was such a privilege to read how their slow burning love and attraction intensified over many years. The intense sexual tension and attraction between the two added to the anticipation for me. I kept asking myself if or when they were finally going to give in to the feelings they had for each other. Will they risk everything to be together?

I am a complete sucker for slow burning romances and this one had it in spades. I always love the anticipation and tension it causes. I love the longing looks, the accidently on purpose secret touches and knowing both Ellie and Logan want each other immensely and the angst of waiting for them to succumb to their feelings was heart racing.

“What I do know, what I’m sure of, is that I would die for Ellie. Kill for her, live for her. The vow echoes through me with every beat of my heart. She is the most important person in my life. She has been from the beginning, and she always will be. There will never be another.”

I loved Royally Endowed and found it so addictive from the moment I started. It was the perfect mix of emotion, humor, romance and angst for me and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves their slow burning romances that are sure to keep you captivated throughout. Royally Endowed can be enjoyed as a standalone, but you’ll definitely want to read all of the books in the Royally series as it gives you a better understanding of the story and characters involved.

Make sure you one click this one, it’s sure to melt your heart and keep you fully entertained from start to finish. I hope you’re ready to swoon, because Logan is well worth the read 🙂

Read Prologue:

            Some men think with their cocks.
            You know the type. Quick smooth-talkers, shifty eyes always scanning for a nice pair of legs, a set of full tits, or a tight arse they can pant after.
            Other blokes think too much with their brains. You know that type too. Annoyingly careful, slow-moving, constantly parsing their words like they already know whatever they’re saying is going to come back and take a bite out of them.
            I’m not either of those.
            I always go with my gut. When it clenches with a warning, I act—no hesitation. When it tugs and nudges, I pause and reevaluate. When it twists and writhes, I know, guaranteed, I’ve cocked up big-time.
            My gut is my best friend, my conscience, my most lethal asset.
            And it has never let me down.
            It’s my gut that drags me to her door. That roots me in place as I knock. That gives me the words—pleading, unfamiliar remorseful words—I’ll gladly say to make this right.
            To get her back.
            Because while my gut is brilliant, sometimes I can be a real fucking idiot.
            Yesterday was one of those times.
            “Ellie. It’s me—open up, we need to talk.”
            I sense movement on the other side of the solid oak door—not in sounds or shifting shadows beneath it, but more of an awareness. I can feel her in there. Nearby and listening. 
            “Go away, Logan.”
            Her voice is tight, higher-pitched than usual. Upset.
            “Ellie, please. I was a twat, I know . . .” I’m not keen on begging from the hallway, but if that’s what it takes . . .  “I’m sorry. Let me in.”
            Ellie is difficult to anger, quick to forgive; she just doesn’t have it in her to hold a grudge. So her next words fall like an axe—cutting my legs right off from under me.
            “No, you were right. The princess’s sister and the East Amboy bodyguard don’t make sense—we’ll never last.”
            Did I actually say that to her? What the fuck is wrong with me? What I feel for her is the one thing in my life that makes sense. That matters.
            But I never told her that.
            Instead . . . instead, I said all the wrong things.
            I brace my palm against the smooth wood, leaning forward, wanting to be as near to her as possible. “Elle . . .”
            “I’ve changed my mind, Logan.”
            If a corpse could speak, it would sound exactly like my Ellie does now. Flat, lifeless. 
            “I want the fairy tale. I want what Olivia has . . . castles and carriages . . . and you’ll never be able to give me that. I would just be settling for you. You’ll never be able to make me happy.”
            She doesn’t mean that. They’re my words—the insecurities I put on her—that she’s hurling back in my face. 
            But God, it fucking hurts to hear. Physically hurts—stabbing deep into the pit of my stomach, crushing my chest, grinding my bones. I meant it when I said I would die for her . . . and right now, it feels like I am.
            I grab the doorknob to walk inside, to see her face. To see that she doesn’t mean it.
            “Don’t come in!” she screeches like I’ve never heard her before. “I don’t want to see you! Go away, Logan. We’re done—just go!”
            I breathe hard—that’s what you do when pain wrecks you, breathe through it. Then I swallow bile, straighten up, turn around and walk down the hall. Away from her. Just like she wants, like she asked. Like she screamed.
             My brain tells me to move faster—get the hell out of there, cut my losses and lick my wounds. And my heart—Christ—that poor bastard’s too battered and bloody to express anything at all.
            But then, just over halfway down the hall, my steps slow until I stop completely.
            Because my gut . . . it strains through the hurt. Rebels. It shouts that this isn’t right. This isn’t her. Something’s off.
            And even more than that . . . something is very, very wrong.
            I glance up and down the quiet hall—not a guard or a maid in sight. I look back at the door. Closed and silent and still.
            Then I turn and march straight back to it. I don’t knock, or wait, or ask for permission. In one move, I turn the knob and step inside.
            What I see there stops me cold.
            Because whatever I was expecting, it sure as fuck wasn’t this.
            Not at all . . .

Book Excerpt:


We end up at an outdoor paintball course in Jersey. A woodsy, rural kind of place that’s probably brimming with mosquitos and Lyme disease. When I find out Logan has never played paintball before, I sign us both up.

There’s really no other option.

And our timing is perfect—they’re just about to start a new battle. The worker gathers all the players in a field and divides us into two teams, handing out thin blue and yellow vests to distinguish friend from foe.

Since Logan and I are the oldest players, we both become the team captains. The wide-eyed little faces of Logan’s squad follow him as he marches back and forth in front of them, lecturing like a hot, modern-day Winston Churchill.

“We’ll fight them from the hills, we’ll fight them in the trees. We’ll hunker down in the river and take them out, sniper-style. Save your ammo—fire only when you see the whites of their eyes. Use your heads.”

I turn to my own ragtag crew.

“Use your hearts. We’ll give them everything we’ve got—leave it all on the field. You know what wins battles? Desire! Guts! Today, we’ll all be frigging Rudy!”

A blond boy whispers to his friend, “Who’s Rudy?”

The kid shrugs.

And another raises his hand. “Can we start now? It’s my birthday and I really want to have cake.”

“It’s my birthday too.” I give him a high-five. “Twinning!”

I raise my gun. “And yes, birthday cake will be our spoils of war! Here’s how it’s gonna go.” I point to the giant on the other side of the field. “You see him, the big guy? We converge on him first. Work together to take him down. Cut off the head,” I slice my finger across my neck like I’m beheading myself, “and the old dog dies.”

A skinny kid in glasses makes a grossed-out face. “Why would you kill a dog? Why would you cut its head off?”

And a little girl in braids squeaks, “Mommy! Mommy, I don’t want to play anymore.”

“No,” I try, “that’s not what I—”

But she’s already running into her mom’s arms. The woman picks her up—glaring at me like I’m a demon—and carries her away.


Then a soft voice whispers right against my ear. 

“They’re already going AWOL on you, lass? You’re fucked.”

I turn to face the bold, tough Wessconian… and he’s so close, I can feel the heat from his hard body, see the small sprigs of stubble on that perfect, gorgeous jaw. My brain stutters, but I find the resolve to tease him.

“Dear God, Logan, are you smiling? Careful—you might pull a muscle in your face.”

And then Logan does something that melts my insides and turns my knees to quivery goo.

He laughs.

And it’s beautiful.

It’s a crime he doesn’t do it more often. Or maybe a blessing. Because Logan St. James is a sexy, stunning man on any given day. But when he laughs?

He’s heart-stopping.

About the Author:

Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

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