4 starsContemporary Romance

Roots and Wings (City Limits #1) by M. Mabie

Roots and Wings Book Cover Roots and Wings
City Limits #1
M. Mabie
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
March 29th 2016

Welcome to Wynne, population 3,401.

No billionaires. No professional athletes. No celebrities.

In this small town, current events are pondered in mirrors at the local salon or around crowded tables at the diner, and there’s a new couple to gossip about. A rough and tumble woman who works in her dad’s garage, not yet ready to spread her wings, shows the new guy in town what it’s like to finally have roots.

It’s your run-of-the-mill, sexy, Astro van driving dentist meets smart-ass, bass fishing tomboy in a story of real-life romance.

Low on drama. High on love.

Pull up a chair and stay a while.

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City Limits #1
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ARIANNA’s Review


I love when an author surprises me, in a good way of course and M. Mabie sure did with this enjoyable gem. ‘Roots and Wings’ was such a delightful read for me. I had a smile or a goofy grin on my face the entire time reading this first book in the series. Not only I found this book refreshing, but I also enjoyed every aspect of it. I used to read lots of small town romances, so I really wasn’t so surprised when I ended up enjoying this one. This first book in the series fallows the story of Mutt O’Fallon, a twenty-six years old young woman.

“…small town living was a double-edged sword, and oftentimes you had to take the good with the bad, keep your chin down, and take care of business. I’d like to think I did all of those things.”

Mutt works for her father’s auto garage. She is a bit of a tomboy, a little rough around the edges for a young woman. Raised only by her grandpa and her father, Mutt had to learn to be on her own. She’s independent, owning a boat and knowing how to fish. She knows she is different from other women in town and she also knows men are usually looking for someone more feminine than her, but he refuses to change for anyone.

Vaughn was supposed to start a new life with his girlfriend in this small town named Wynne. After she left him about a month before they were moving, Vaughn decides to move alone. He likes the small town, people seem friendly enough so he decides he doesn’t have anything to lose. When he meets Mutt he’s surprised by how different she is from any another women he met.

“As many shitty things as the universe had thrown into my life over the past month, that hot, smartass look on her face made everything okay with me.”

Mutt is like a breath of fresh air for Vaughn. What starts as a lovely friendship between them slowly becomes more and Vaughn is more convinced than ever that Wynne is the perfect town to put down some roots.


This was such a lovely read! ‘Low on drama, high on love like the author perfectly describes this read to be, ‘Roots and Wings’ was a sweet and fun read that like I mentioned above really put a smile on my face. The story was really well written for a small town romance. The two MC were well portrayed and the few supporting characters were likeable and engaging.

Vaughn and Mutt’s relationship progressed in a very natural way. I really enjoyed the development of their relationship and I appreciate the fact there was no insta-love between them. It was more a friends to lovers kind of relationship and I liked it exactly how it was. Their chemistry between them was fantastically done for this kind of read and their sweet moments together were heart melting. I adored their easy friendship, their teasing, the way they get to know each other, but most of all I adored the tenderness between them.

“I wanted to please her with my lips. I wanted my mouth on hers. I wanted to taste her warm skin, get in there and get a lungful of her scent—the same one I’d been teased with all night. I wanted her to moan a little and part her mouth open, and then I wanted her to sneak her tongue to meet mine when I took too long, just so I could see how long it would take her to want more. Then I’d give her more.”


Vaughn was simply wonderful. A swoon-worthy hero he won me over from the very beginning. Funny and sincere, gorgeous and flirty, Vaugh was perfect for our heroine. I loved the way he treated her, the way he accepted and loved everything about Mutt, the way he makes her feel like she’s the most special woman in the entire world.

Mutt was a very likeable heroine. I liked her personality and her attitude about…everything. She was strong and sweet, easy to talk to, honest and friendly and pretty much the perfect heroine in this kind of story.

Overall, I found this story to be simply wonderful and if you like to read something light with endearing, relatable characters and a lovely romance, than I really recommend this one!

“Sometimes when you meet people you wonder: how are they going to change my life?
And sometimes when you meet the right person, all you can think is what a privilege it would be to change theirs.”