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Rising (Vincent and Eve #1) by Jessica Ruben

Rising Book Cover Rising
Vincent and Eve Trilogy #1
Jessica Ruben
Fiction, Dark Romance
May 1st 2018
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As the bus approaches my stop on the Lower East Side, I raise the hood of my black sweatshirt. Anonymity is key in my neighborhood—particularly as a lone female walking at night.

All I want is to leave my crime-ridden shadow of a home in New York City. I’ve done everything I can to keep my head down and focus on my studies. College is my only goal; love has never been on the map…
That is, until my sister brings me to an underground fight, where I meet a gorgeous and mysterious man: Vincent.

He is the ghost in my shadows, showing up to feed me pieces of his upper-crust life, then evaporating into darkness until his next visit. I’m falling hard and fast. How can I trust him amidst the depth of his secrets?

Vincent may be even more dangerous than the dark world I’m trying to escape.

Megan’s Review

“We’ve got something. But what we have has nothing to do with anyone else on earth. What we have between us, is just for us.”

Well if Rising (Vincent & Eve #1) is Jessica Ruben’s debut novel, then I can’t imagine how she can possibly get much better. The writing flowed seamlessly and had me captivated throughout. I am itching to get my hands on book 2, I needed it, like yesterday. This series just makes me really excited; excited for what I’ve read and excited for what I’m yet to experience with Vincent and Eve.

Eve is a quiet, sweet and intelligent eighteen year old who loves nothing more than to delve into a good book. She lives in the rough end of New York named the Blue Houses and would love nothing more than to escape the derelict crime ridden world she lives within. The rules are simple where she comes from; keep to yourself, avoid drawing attention to yourself and don’t walk alone at night. A place ruled by gangs, drugs and violence. Eve has a close relationship with her sister and even though she tends to keep to herself, would love nothing more than to fit in and be adored like her older sister.

If there is one hero I have read in recent times that peaked my interest instantaneously, and the more I read the more I wanted to know, then it was most certainly Vincent. He was an absolute puzzle to me and I wanted to find all the pieces to fit together to complete the jigsaw. While he has a presence and appears somewhat intimidating, he is a ridiculously brilliant man who recites poetry and is very protective of Eve.

“We’re quoting poetry right now and my heart is so full I want to jump up and down and scream. Who the hell is this man? No, really. Who? An MMA fighter from an underground fighting ring? A poet? A few seconds pass. Or maybe it’s minutes. But we’re quiet, staring into each other’s eyes. We’re not even waiting for someone to talk. We’re just staring. Glowing. Something is passing between us that I can’t rationally explain.”

Eve loves to keep to herself because of the world she lives within. The situations she has found herself in means she does not feel comfortable with people easily and keeps her guard up. Eve has had issues with people invading her personal space, but despite this, she feels an intense pull towards Vincent and he brings her a sense of calm and safety.

Eve and Vincent have such a passionate and intense chemistry; they are drawn to each other in a powerful way that neither of them can explain. Vincent is not all he appears to be and is harbouring secrets, he knows he should keep his distance from Eve, but he can’t help his need to be close to her and protect her.

“I love how delicate you are. Soft. You’re a siren on a quiet street. You’re all I hear.”

I loved this story for an array of reasons; the suspense and mystery, the emotion, the vivid writing that had the ability to make me feeling a part of this story, the characters and everything they brought to the story and the feels they evoked from me. I loved the MMA and mafia aspects a lot too. Rising does end on a colossal cliff-hanger, so I am desperate to get my hands on book 2 in order to continue Vincent and Eve’s journey. I know for sure that their story is only going to get even better from here.

If you love your impeccably written suspenseful romances that grab your attention and keep you invested throughout, then I cannot recommend Rising enough. I am itching to see what Jessica Ruben does with the rest of this story; well I know for sure I am most certainly a fan after reading her debut novel.

About the Author:

Jessica Ruben lives and works in New York City, where she spends her days dominating in the court room as an attorney. Come nightfall, she writes romances centering on gorgeous alpha males and the intelligent women who love them.

Jessica is an insatiable reader, and will devour a few books a week without batting an eyelash. Books have always been her drug of choice, and she has no plans on detox anytime soon. She has three wildly delicious children and a husband who, for reasons unimaginable to her, loves her brand of crazy.