Contemporary Romance

Righting Our Wrongs (Paths to Love #2.5) by Grahame Claire

Righting Our Wrongs Book Cover Righting Our Wrongs
Paths to Love #2.5
Grahame Claire
fiction, Contemporary Romance
December 7th 2018

I made a mistake.
And it wasn’t going to Paris for the semester.
It was waiting until I had one foot out the door to tell Mitch Jacobs I was leaving.
I never expected him to shatter my heart in retribution.
After all the distance, the remnants of our fight still linger. The hole he left behind still bleeds.
Now I’m back…and there’s no way I’ll be able avoid him.

I made a mistake.
Lost my temper. Said things I’m not sure I really meant.
And in the process, I lost the person who matters most along with the future we’d planned.
I’ve had four months to figure out what to say to her when she gets home. Four months to face the dreams I destroyed.
Now she’s back…and she isn’t alone.