3 starsM/M RomanceNovella

Return to Blackcreek (Blackcreek #3.5) by Riley Hart

Return to Blackcreek Book Cover Return to Blackcreek
Blackcreek Series #3.5
Riley Hart
Fiction, M/M Romance
November 24th 2015

This December it's time to go back...

Wes and Braden

Braden plans a surprise weekend getaway for him and Wes. Two days alone in a cabin with his husband? There’s no telling what kind of trouble they can get into. Wes isn’t fooled though. He knows this weekend is about more than just a sexy escape. When Braden lets him in on what he has planned, it has the potential to change their lives forever.

Gavin and Mason

It’s the start of winter break and Gavin is looking forward to spending it working at Creekside with Mason…only he realizes that’s not the only thing he wants. He sets out on a path to give Mason the surprise of a lifetime, and the end result is a night neither man will ever forget.

Noah and Cooper

Cooper is determined to start a new holiday tradition. He’s planned an ugly sweater party that will go down in Blackcreek history. Not even Noah realizes everything he has in store for the night. If Coop can pull it all off without a hitch, the party will either be a huge success, or the biggest mistake of his life.

Three couples, three major life events. It’s a December to remember for all our men in Blackcreek.

Val’s Review

I will absolutely be in the minority on this one, but I just couldn’t get all that into it for some reason.

Crazy, right?


But what can you do.

In fact, it took me over a week to finish it, which is pretty telling for me on its own.

I love all my Blackcreek boys.


They are all sexy and sweet – but maybe just a little TOO sweet for me here.

Like so-sugary-that-it’s-toothache-inducing sweet.


^^^*Totally legit medical rendering.

For serious though, the constant gushing – while super “awwwwwwwww” cute – was just a little much and OTT for me…

…but I think I’m just a sporadically huge bitch sometimes and that everyone else will love this – and RIGHTFULLY SO.

You get snapshots of all the Blackcreek couples and an awesome epilogue – and all the “in the spirit of Christmas” warmth and fuzz.

Perfect for the season.

So consider my rating to be some Grinch stars and ignore me.