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Reckoning (Vincent and Eve #2) by Jessica Ruben

Reckoning Book Cover Reckoning
Vincent and Eve #2
Jessica Ruben
Fiction, New Adult Romance
June 15th, 2018
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Vincent: Forgetting about Eve was the plan. Finding her at a party on my college campus was the last thing I expected.

But letting her go again isn’t an option—not this time. Juggling the life I want with the one I was born into may be near impossible, but for her, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

My world has turned into a house of cards, where one wrong move can send it all crashing down…and us with it.

Eve: Finally at a prestigious university—and on the path to living my dreams—I’ve left the darkness of the Blue Houses behind. Still, a whole new host of problems await me.

Vincent is here.

He’s king of the school, complete with a society princess by his side. I thought I wanted to know what he was hiding, but unlocking his biggest secret leads me into entirely new territory laced with danger and lust…one I’m not sure I’ll survive.


Megan’s Review

“All I can process is how vulnerable I feel in this moment. When Vincent looks at me, it’s as if he can see within me. It’s exposure I both yearn and despise.”

Wow! Fantastic. Whilst I did love Rising (Vincent & Eve book 1), that was nothing compared to how I feel about Reckoning, I loved it so much more (if that’s even possible). Jessica Ruben has such a talent and a way with words; her storytelling draws me in and utterly consumes me from start to finish. I was taken on a thrilling journey, a rollercoaster of intense emotions and I never wanted the ride to stop.

I already loved Vincent and Eve, but I grew to love them even more this time around, especially Eve. She really grew into her own, and it was such a joy to see her develop in both confidence and strength. They have such an undeniable bond, intense chemistry and a passion that was unmistakable. Their love was fierce and powerful and filled with so much angst that it kept me completely enthralled and invested right up until the very last word was read.

“I’m lost to him. All of my pain and anger seems to have gone up in smoke. I want to stay lost in his eyes and simply savor this moment and the way he’s looking at me.”

Reckoning was filled with so many themes that I love to read; the alpha and possessive hero, the timid and unassuming heroine, the push and pull between the two, the intense emotional highs and lows, the deep love, passion and desire plus the angst that poured between these pages. When you have all of this and then add the mafia/crime aspects to the story, you are left with an absolutely addictive masterpiece that owns you heart and soul.

As much as I would love to talk the ear off of anyone who would listen about Reckoning I am going to keep this review short, sharp and sweet as I do not want to reveal any spoilers for either Rising or Reckoning, because they need to be read and enjoyed without me giving anything away.

“I’m melting for this man. And it isn’t the fact that he’s insanely sexy. It’s more. It’s him.”

I have become completely and utterly captivated by Vincent and Eve and the world they have led me to. This is by far my favorite series for this year to date and I am waiting with baited breath for the finale Redemption. Reckoning finished with a monumental cliffhanger and unsurprisingly, am desperate to see how it all plays out in the end.

“His dark eyes shine, telling me he sees me. And the truth is, he’s the only one who ever has.”

There is nothing not to love about Reckoning; the storyline and characters Jessica has created for us are second to none, the deep seeded emotions that were evoked whilst being consumed with the story, the intrigue and intensity that drew me in from the very beginning. This is the reason I love to read so much, being completely overtaken by a story to the point where I feel absolutely everything. I highly recommend reading Reckoning, but make sure you read Rising first. If you’re anything like me and love your intense, angsty and emotionally driven stories, then be sure to one click Reckoning. Just be prepared for this story to slay you as it did me.

About the Author:

Jessica Ruben lives and works in New York City, where she spends her days dominating in the court room as an attorney. Come nightfall, she writes romances centering on gorgeous alpha males and the intelligent women who love them.

Jessica is an insatiable reader, and will devour a few books a week without batting an eyelash. Books have always been her drug of choice, and she has no plans on detox anytime soon. She has three wildly delicious children and a husband who, for reasons unimaginable to her, loves her brand of crazy.