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Recaptured by the Crime Lord (Crime Lord #2) by Mia Knight

Recaptured by the Crime Lord Book Cover Recaptured by the Crime Lord
Crime Lord Series #2
Mia Knight
Fiction, Dark Romance
November 9th 2016
No, read in order

Lyla Dalton is a shell of her former self. She and her cousin have been traveling cross country in an RV, trying to outrun their pasts, but that’s about to come to an end. 

Gavin Pyre is out of jail and he’s coming for her. This time, when he catches her, there will be no escape.

4 Stars

This was a nice follow up to the first book and I really like how it ended.

I don’t really have much else to say about this one, being that it’s the middle book and I don’t want to spoil anything.

Also, I read this one immediately after the first one and have already started the third, so they are starting to run together.

Just happy that Gavin is going to be…getting back in the game.