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Ramsay by Mia Sheridan

Ramsay Book Cover Ramsay
Sign of Love, Aries
Mia Sheridan
Fiction, Contemporary Romance
June 19th 2016

Lydia De Havilland is shocked when Brogan Ramsay suddenly reappears in her life. Several years before, Brogan was the son of her family's gardener, and the boy she hurt and betrayed. But Brogan is no longer the quiet, sensitive boy she remembers. Now he's a man—gorgeous, powerful . . . and seeking vengeance.

Brogan Ramsay can't let go of the memory of Lydia tricking him cruelly, leaving his heart shattered and his family penniless. And now he's back to destroy her family the way his was destroyed. There's only one problem . . . the girl who wounded him so badly years ago is now a woman who still has the power to render him breathless.

Ramsay is the story of betrayal and wrath, of the strength of regret and the power of forgiveness. It is the story of the thin veil between love and hate, and how more often than not, when we seek to inflict pain on others, the heart we wound is our own.

Maria’s Review

“There is such a thin veil between love and hate.”

➦This is a story of revenge, forgiveness and second chances. The romance between the two main characters starts during their teen years, when Brogan Ramsay, the gardener’s son, becomes infatuated with Lydia, the privileged princess. Their unlikely friendship leads to betrayal and Brogan’s family is forced to leave the estate to live in poverty.

Seven years later the tables have turned. Brogan has worked hard, became successful and he is on a mission to get revenge. He is plotting to take away Lydia’s company, which is on the brink of bankruptcy. He wants to humiliate her and make her pay for the immature act that cost his family so much suffering in the past.

❤I really loved the revenge plot storyline. Usually I get frustrated with the behavior of the characters and end up blaming them for the actions they make. Well, not here.

❤In the fist half of the book I was sad and at times outraged, not by the characters but rather by situations. Mia Sheridan is very skilled at creating the types of situations where you sympathize with the characters while staying mad at the situation they are in.

The Irish component to the story was interesting, reading Brogan talk in the Gaelic dialect made me swoon 🙂 Although the word “feck” came up too many times in the second half of the book… or perhaps I just noticed it more since it’s different from the version of the word I’m used to (and probably immune to by now lol)

❤I loved the way Brogan and Lydia reconnected and worked things out. Forgiveness is a big part of this book and I was happy to see them both let go and move on.

➦The reason this wasn’t a five star read for me was because of the over the top action in the second part of the book. There seemed too be too many things going on at the same time and, in this case, Lydia’s actions made me very frustrated.

➦I tried very hard to understand the reasons behind her decisions but ultimately I came to the conclusion that she just hasn’t grown up yet and needed a kick in the butt. In fact, they both needed a kick in the butt, which they eventually ended up getting from the secondary characters of the story.

➦I recommend this book to anyone who likes revenge storylines and second chance at love romance novels. (Dual POV)