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Prison Princess (Paranormal Prison) by Rebecca Royce & Coralee June

Prison Princess Book Cover Prison Princess
Paranormal Prison
Rebecca Royce & Coralee June
Paranormal Romance
April 13th 2020
Yes, although part of a series

Imprisoned, tormented and forgotten...

I’ve never seen the outside of these four walls. I was born in Nightmare Penitentiary, and I’ll probably die here too.

Or so I thought.

When an assassin captures me, I realize I’m far more powerful than anyone knows. I’m a princess. A Druid. The last of my kind. I command the earth and the moon speaks to me. There is royal blood running through these veins.

Tasked with bringing me back to my family, my captor is stuck by my side. The more time we spend together, the more I learn about the birthright stolen from me and the enemy who stole it. And the longer I’m with my assassin, the more my heart softens.

I never imagined that a harsh, lonely man would bring help. I never thought that leaving Nightmare would put me on a much different path. A path full of hope. Of freedom. Of love. A path that leads to accepting my birthright, with an assassin by my side.

But the future is blurry. There are two roads. One leads to happiness—to love. The other leads to demise. And even I can’t see which one wins.

Tracey’s Review

I’ve never read a book about druids and I’m just getting into the world of paranormal romances but I love Coralee June so I thought why not.

I enjoyed the characters in the book and while I thought we could have been given more depth to their characters, what we got was good. The main characters had great chemistry and I was thoroughly surprised at the way in which the authors wrote their steamy scenes

For me, I did struggle to get into the story and found that the pace of the book was a little slow and I found myself drifting away.

Overall, this book had great characters that kept me perceiving with the book and while this may have not been the book for me, I will more than willing to try again with the duo.