Pretty Stolen Dolls (Pretty Stolen Dolls #1) Ker Dukey, K. Webster (Nancy)

Nancy’s review

“Not all monsters hunt in the dark.”

Dark and disturbing is what this book is. Good thing I like dark and disturbing, though. This book is not for the faint of heart—seriously, it’s pretty cringeworthy!

Jade and her little sister were kidnapped at a young age and held captive for years by Benny. Jade meets Benny at a flea market where he is selling dolls. At first sight, Jade thinks Benny is a sweet and charming young guy with a cute dimpled smile—until he no longer isn’t.

While imprisoned by Benny, Jade would watch his every move, so she could find a way to escape. When she finally does, it’s without her little sister. Now, nothing will stop Jade until she gets her back.

Years later, Jade has now become a detective, using whatever resources she can to hunt Benny down. Benny has other plans, which include taking back what belongs to him. His dirty little doll.

I gotta say, Benny really fascinated me. He is such an enigma and a real sicko, but I kept trying to figure out why he turned out the way he is. I have my theories but I guess I won’t find out until the next book is out.

Whenever we got flashbacks to Jade’s kidnapping, it mentioned her sister a few times but not as much as I would have liked. It usually was more about Benny and Jade than anything else. I would have liked if we could’ve seen more of Macy as well.

As for the hero, Dillion? My God, that man is too good to be true. I loved him. Like any other K. Webster hero, he’s very badass, protective and swoon worthy.

“I’m not perfect.” “Who the hell is? Sure as hell not me. Definitely not ex-boyfriend, Bo. Perfect is in the eye of the beholder, Jade. In the right person’s eyes, you’re all kinds of perfect.”

Be still my heart.

The ending is one that I saw coming but I was still shocked when I turned to the last page! The second book is going to be oh so good, I just know it!

This is a dark and gritty novel, added with a nice amount of suspense to have you on the edge of your seat. If dark romance is your cup of tea, then this is one you definitely need to read.

Warning: it has a cliffhanger.

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