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Playette by T.L. Smith

Playette Book Cover Playette
T.L. Smith
Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
3rd September 2019

Vengeance has a name, and her name is mine. 
My role is to take action against the darkest men I’ve ever come across.
To kill them one at a time. 
Until my list is complete. 
And in doing so, I’m going to use my most powerful weapon—my body. 
They ruined my life, and now it’s my turn to destroy theirs. 
Even if it means a death sentence for me, each drop of blood will be deserving. 
Each kill will be worthy of the price I may need to pay. 
My name is Isadora, and my target is the Moretti Mafia.

Tracey’s Review

Playette will grip you from the first page and hold you tight till the last page. If you love mafia romances then Playette will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

It’s dark roots will take hold and force you on Isadora and Jaspers journey. These characters had some amazing chemistry and each character kick’s ass, literally!!

I freakin loved Isadora, she is one hell of a kick ass woman. Not afraid from dying, she is on a mission to avenge her parent’s murders. She is prepared to use any means necessary to achieve her goals, not matter the cost. She is utterly fearless, dangerous and has just the right amount of sexiness to capture the eye of the Moretti leader.

Jasper is the head of the Moretti Mafia family and like Isadora, he is just as fearless, but he also is cruel and cunning. Not a character to get on the bad side off. The instant attraction he feels to Isadora is apparent to see, but he knows that she has a hidden agenda, he just needs to figure it out before it’s too late. 

Throughout the story, I enjoyed the twist and turns that T.L. Smith throws at us. The characters are well written and the storyline packs a punch. I loved the twist with Isadora’s character, it was refreshing to see a female lead be just as ruthless and the chemistry between the main characters was off the charts.

Ultimately this is a fantastic read and on of my favourites so far. I can’t wait to see what is next from T.L. Smith.